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5 ways to work from home

If working from home is your new normal, follow these steps for a more productive 9 to 5

Home office and bedroom

Location, location

Finding the right zone to set up office is key. You might be fighting for space at the moment especially with children home schooling. A spare bedroom is the answer, but this could be a luxury. You don’t need masses of space though and a corner of a living room, a kitchen table or an area of the hallway works well. If this is going to be a more permanent set-up, consider a separate outdoor build. After all, 2021 is all about WFG (working from the garden). 

The basics

Even if this is a temporary measure, you need the basics: a comfortable chair and decent desk. Clear a kitchen or dressing table for your office kit and make dining chairs or stools more ergonomic with cushions and foot rests. Move furniture around to find a quieter, more secluded spot, good natural light and maximum WiFi signal. If all else fails, Ikea and Argos have a budget-friendly range of WFH furniture that will do the job.

Home office

Storage saviours

Tidy house, tidy mind. A well-ordered, work-from-home hub is a top priority for an organised and inspiring space to get everyone grafting. For a full-time solution, long rows of wall shelving tailored to your needs will be your storage hero. Otherwise, repurpose an old bookcase or bedside table for stashing files and paperwork at a low level. Desk organisers and filing systems can be picked up cheaply online. Or simply stash pens in old mugs and jam jars for a homespun feel. 
Home office and bedroom

Keep calm

If you do have a dedicated home office, opt for a calm and serene colour palette. You can’t go wrong with off white and buttermilk for a tranquil backdrop. Pale blues and greens will create a sense of balance and serenity and help you concentrate. If you’re working in a corner of a communal room, make sure the area is clean and clutter free. You could try sectioning off an area with lengths of fabric. 
Home office and bedroom

Light it up

An efficient work space needs to be well lit. If possible, position your work area near a window for maximum natural daylight. Otherwise, darker spaces can be boosted with artificial lighting – a combination of overhead pendants and good task lighting works well. If you haven’t got the time or budget to overhaul your lighting scheme, try desk lamps and clip-on lights for a quick and easy solution.
Home office