Bedroom colours

4 colour trends to ramp up your bedroom style

Crofton bedroom

New neutrals

Sometimes less is more. Try a palette of gentle neutrals to create a soothing sanctuary for sleep time. If pure white is too stark for your interior taste buds, choose buttermilk, stone and honey-tinged beige. A light, soft colour scheme is spot on for our obsession with natural materials and feel-good textures too. The only problem is, you won’t want to get out of bed in the morning. And relax…
neutral bydford bedroom colour

Go green

Going green is a bedroom must-have this season. From whisper-soft sage to earthy olive and rich emerald, green feels calm, relaxed and oh so luxe for walls, bedding and accessories. Steer clear of a matchy-matchy look and layer green tones for a sophisticated space. And if you really want to up your green credentials, seek out sustainable bedding, organic materials and recycled cottons that are kind to the planet and your skin. 
Light green bedroom

The dark side

Ink. Navy. Chocolate. Deep forest green. We’re pressing like for the entire dark palette when it comes to the boudoir. And you should too. It’s a failsafe (and purse-friendly) way to instantly transform a lacklustre bedroom into a moody, modern and totally on-trend space. Take it up a notch by layering dark hues for bedding and blinds too or create contrast with pale furniture and light linen curtains. Anything goes. 
dark green bedroom

Blushing beauty

While pink has definitely taken up residence as the new neutral downstairs, what about the bedroom? Steer away from sugary shades and sickly pinks and go for peachier hues and ochre tones for a soothing, sleep sanctuary with design clout. This warmer bedroom palette works wonders with grey, cappuccino and russet colours and accents of brushed bronze and black metal. 
Half pink bedroom