Aqualisa Smart Showers

Want a luxurious shower experience combined with innovative technology? Then look no further: we are proud to offer the Aqualisa smart shower.


What is the Aqualisa smart shower?

Aqualisa pioneered the UK's first digital shower in 2001 and since then they have continued to revolutionise the family bathroom. The Aqualisa smart shower delivers an enhanced showering experience, combining the precise electronic control of a digital shower with modern convenience. The Aqualisa offers full connectivity to the smart home through the Aqualisa smartphone app, as well as through integrations with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Why choose the Aqualisa?

Aqualisa smart showers are the perfect addition to your family home and will allow you to create a truly personalised shower experience. With user experience and accessibility at its core, Aqualisa showers are WiFi enabled and boast easy-to-use controls, LED displays and a modern, sleek design.

Aqualisa smart showers epitomise convenience. With the smartphone app, you can control your shower whether you are inside or outside the home with just a touch of a button. While at home, you can turn your shower in using a simple voice command through your smart home integrations. 


Aqualisa Benefits

We know that unless you're specifically into technology and gadgets, the idea of a digital shower may be quite perplexing. However, Aqualisa showers are at the forefront of the UK digital shower industry and, as such, you can expect many fantastic benefits.

Not only is the Aqualisa extremely easy to use, but their "My Q" allow you to store your favourite showering preferences so that you can enjoy them time and time again. However, if you'd rather enjoy a pre-set experience, there are a variety of modes, like Eco or Sport, that you can enjoy depending on your circumstances.


Ease of use is not the only benefit that Aqualisa showers offer. These innovative showers also offer:

Temperature control
Aqualisa showers have a unique smart valve that checks the temperature of the water every ten seconds. In doing so, the valve thermostatically blends water; this ensures that the flow from the shower head is consistently at the correct temperature for you. The Aqualisa shower also has a ‘warm up’ phase and the LED indicator will tell you when this phase is complete - gone are the days of having to guess if the temperature is ‘just right’. 

Flow Control 
The Aqualisa shower uses a proximity sensor with its ‘Water Save’ function. This sensor reduces the water flow when you move more than half a metre away. The benefit of this control is it helps to reduce water consumption which not only will save you money, but will also benefit the environment by reducing water usage. 

Duration control 
The Aqualisa shower also offers a timer that allows you to control the duration of showers within the home. Durations last for as little as one minute and as long as twenty minutes. This timer can be set to individual showers or can be set to all showers. There is also an option for the water to turn off automatically when the timer ends. This duration control is also a great way to monitor water usage. 

Suitability for my bathroom?

Aqualisa showers are suitable for bathrooms with both high and low water pressure systems. They have also been designed to work with combination and gravity water systems, so no matter your bathroom situation, there will be a model to suit it.