Curves in interior designs

Update your home with one of the hottest trends in 2022: curved interiors

Curved interiors

Why curved interiors?

Curved interiors, including curved furniture, accessories and design, have become an increasingly popular home décor trend. After the confinement of lockdowns, it's no wonder that there's been an increasing emphasis on how our environment affects our wellbeing. But what makes the curved interior design so popular? Not only are curves seen as graceful, but they are also known to instantly create softness: they make us feel cocooned and safe.

Curved interiors

Bring attention to your room

Along with being beneficial to our wellbeing and being aesthetically pleasing, curves serve a practical design purpose too. Curves create a focal point, drawing your attention within a space. When used correctly, curves can give the illusion of added depth.

Tip: Using mirrors or artwork within curved frames is a great way to subtly add curves to any space without needing to redesign the layout of a room.

Curved interiors

Always on the move

Another benefit to curved furniture is that it helps to create a sense of movement, especially in smaller spaces. This is because curved furniture can soften the room while also extending the eyeline. by contrast, in larger spaces, using bigger curves helps to create a cosy, warm and inviting atmosphere.

Tip: To create a sense of movement in small spaces, use curved coffee tables, side tables or round rugs.

Curved interiors

Style it out

Curves work well in both traditional and contemporary décor schemes. If you really want to impress, mix classic furniture with modern, curved statement pieces. While patterned fabric looks effective on curved furniture pieces, it can be quite difficult to match and align the edges. Using plain fabric pieces means you can incorporate current style trends, making them last longer, while also having fun with textured and coloured accessories, which often change year on year depending on the newest trend.

TIP: Curves have more of an impact when they are balanced with straight lines. This is because it allows the curve be the focal point of the space. 
Curved interiors

Need to shell out

The scalloped edge is another way to bring curved interiors into your home. Whether it is through bed sheets or small accessories, like lampshades, cushions or mirrors, adding the quirky scalloped edge finish is a subtle way to complete your interior décor while staying in-line with current trends. While the scalloped edge may have been seen as quite traditional in décor in days gone past, the shell-inspired look is now recognised as having a fun and playfulness to it that can add character to any room.
Curved interiors