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Eco-friendly cleaning hacks

Eco-friendly cleaning hacks that are kind to your home and the planet…

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DIY natural cleaners

Turn your home into a spotless, sanctuary with eco-friendly, cleaning products. Swap chemical cleaners for homemade, natural ones and be kinder to the planet and your purse. Stock up on baking soda, white vinegar and lemons, for greener cleaning. Overhaul dirty ovens by applying a thick paste of baking soda and water to the bottom of the cavity, let it sit overnight, then scrape off and wipe clean. For brighter, whiter toilets, throw a cup of baking soda into the bowl; add a cup of white vinegar, leave the mixture for a few hours and flush. Make windows sparkle by mixing four tablespoons of lemon juice with half a gallon of water. 
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Clean up your act

If you want the convenience of shop-bought, eco-friendly cleaning products, you won’t be disappointed. Ecover has recently revamped its biodegradable, plant-based laundry detergents to help clothes last longer. Method’s eco-friendly cleaners and hand washes come in pretty packaging made from recycled plastic bottles. Keep and buy refills from sites like Bower Collective is so passionate about saving the earth that its plastic-free, reusable pouches of natural cleaners can be returned in a pre-paid postal box when empty. Be inspired at
Reusable bottles

Plastic fantastic

Reduce single-use plastics by choosing organic cleaning kit such as natural, reusable cloths instead of kitchen roll. Plastic-free sponges that don’t shed microplastics and clog up our water system are zero-waste, kind to your skin and often compostable too. Ditch plastic utensils for wooden dish brushes with natural fibres and flimsy plastic pegs for sturdy bamboo designs. And protect hands with gloves made from Fairtrade, FSC certified natural rubber, sourced from responsibly managed plantations. 
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Cut back and declutter

Cut back on water usage and electricity. Even if it’s not summer, try drying clothes outdoors for a few hours in bright and breezy weather (resist the temptation to chuck wet laundry straight into the tumble drier). Don’t overuse your washing machine too. If you only have a few items of dirty laundry, wash by hand, or at least choose a super-fast or eco setting. 
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