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Pantone colour of the year 2024

Peach Fuzz: Embracing warmth, comfort and connection in a home designed for 2024.

Colour wallpaper

Colour of the year

As the world embraces new possibilities and a renewed sense of connection, Pantone has aptly chosen Peach Fuzz as its Colour of the Year for 2024. This delicate shade, a combination of soft pink and warm orange, exudes a sense of tenderness, compassion, and a yearning for togetherness. Echoing the broader trends shaping the home interiors of 2024, Peach Fuzz invites us to create spaces that are both inviting and restorative, reflecting our desire for comfort, connection, and personal expression.

Photo credit: Peach Please matt emulsion paint, Lust Home,

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Warm neutrals for a serene and welcoming ambience

In line with the overall trend towards comfort and well-being, 2024's home décor is marked by a resurgence of warm neutrals. Shades like soft beige, creamy ivory, and muted ochre create a sense of tranquillity and inviting warmth, perfect for creating a cosy and welcoming home. These neutral tones can be seamlessly paired with Peach Fuzz, further enhancing the sense of serenity, and inviting interaction.

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Blurring the lines between interior and exterior

As we spend more time at home, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces is becoming increasingly important. This trend manifests in various ways, from incorporating natural elements like plants and wood into interior design to creating more open floor plans that blur the boundaries between living spaces and outdoor patios or gardens. Peach Fuzz, with its connection to nature and warmth, complements this trend beautifully, fostering a sense of connection to the outdoors even within the confines of our homes. 

Photo credit: Smooch chaise sofa from Loaf,

Peach sofa

Personalised expression through layered decor

In a world where individuality is increasingly valued, home décor is reflecting this desire for personalisation. 2024's home trends encourage the use of layered décor, incorporating a variety of textures, patterns, and colours to create a space that truly reflects one's unique personality and preferences. Peach Fuzz, with its versatility and ability to harmonise with a range of other colours, serves as a wonderful foundation for this personal expression. 

Photo credit: Candy Peach Colourful Arch wallpaper, Bobbi Beck,

Colour wallpaper

Technological integration for enhanced comfort and convenience

Technology is seamlessly integrated into home design, enhancing comfort and convenience while also adding a touch of sophistication. Smart home features, voice-activated devices, and integrated lighting systems are becoming increasingly common, allowing us to control our homes with ease and create customized experiences. Peach Fuzz, with its warm and inviting nature, provides a calming backdrop for these technological advancements, creating a harmonious blend of modern convenience and traditional comfort. 

Photo credit: Harper Rose wall tile, Porcelain Superstore,


Creating a sanctuary of serenity and belonging

By embracing the vibrant hues of Peach Fuzz and incorporating the broader trends shaping home décor for 2024, we can transform our homes into havens of serenity, connection, and personal expression. Whether we're seeking a cosy retreat for relaxation or a vibrant space for gathering with loved ones, Peach Fuzz and the surrounding trends offer a plethora of opportunities to create a home that truly reflects our hearts and souls. Embrace the gentle embrace of Peach Fuzz and create a place where cherished memories are made and shared. 

Photo credit: Marvella Sofa in Burnt Orange, Sofology,