Silestone worktops

Whether you’re designing your brand-new kitchen through Options or remodelling an existing kitchen, consider using Silestone worktops…


What is Silestone?

Despite being on the market for over twenty years, it is only in the last six years that Silestone has become an increasingly popular choice for kitchen worktops. But what is Silestone and why is it so in demand?

Silestone is a manufactured hybrid material made from quartz crystals, premium natural minerals and 20% recycled materials. Silestone is an incredibly solid and durable material; is non-porous and resistant to scratches and stains. Its sleek and smooth finish offers a contemporary, high-end look that is perfect for modern kitchens.  

How is Silestone made?

Silestone is manufactured with exclusive and innovative HybridQ technology which offers a more sustainable approach to architectural surfaces.

The natural quartz crystals are combined with other natural materials, colour and antimicrobial agents and then bonded with polyester resin. It is the resin that holds the quartz crystals together, ultimately creating the Silestone surface.

There are multiple benefits to using Silestone worktops...

Stain resistant

Due to its non-porous and dense structure, Silestone doesn’t absorb liquids and doesn’t require sealing like granite, a natural stone surface, does.

Easy to maintain
Silestone is arguably one of the easiest worktop materials to maintain: it doesn’t need to be sealed, resealed or resanded. Due to the natural glossy sheen the quartz provides, Silestone also doesn’t require frequent polishing.


Silestone is made from quartz which means it is fantastic at resisting scratches.

Plenty of choice
Unlike natural stone, Silestone is uniform throughout and available in a broad range of styles, colours and patterns which means it can compliment almost any style of kitchen.