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Honiton, EX14

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In your local area at the moment do you think there are enough facilities and services to support new development or not?

Which of the following types of home do you think are needed in the area?

What local characteristics – such as buildings, shapes styles or materials – if any, do you think that the development should draw inspiration from?

What views – either in to the site or from the site – if any, need to be considered during the planning process?

What natural features – such as existing trees, hedgerows, streams etc – if any, should be incorporated into the design of the development?

In your opinion, what types of open space and open air facilities, if any, should be provided within this development?

In your opinion, where should bins and recycling facilities be located in the development?

Do you have any other comments?

Thank you for taking the time to fill in our feedback form – we will review all of the responses received and these will help shape our designs.

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