6th december 2022

First-time buyers take a step on the property ladder in Kilwinning 

First-time buyers Kyle and Eilidh have started their property journey together at Taylor Wimpey’s Willow Gardens development in Kilwinning, discovering their ideal Baxter three bedroom home in the perfect location that ticked all their boxes to make this a great move for the couple.  

Kilwinning hallway

The Baxter ticks all the boxes

While they have not moved too far from their respective family homes, discovering Taylor Wimpey’s new homes at Willow Gardens offered them a great opportunity as Kyle explains: “We know the local area well, in fact we are just 10 minutes’ drive away from my parents’ home and Eilidh’s parents live in Dalry. Being local we know what a great location Kilwinning is because it has a whole host of amenities while still being a lovely quiet place.

kilwinning kitchen
“We have beautiful countryside and lovely walks nearby, but there’s also a new bypass just a few minutes’ drive from the development which is handy to get you into Glasgow in around 35 minutes. Or Kilwinning train station is just a five-minute walk from the development if you want to leave the car behind so it’s great to have this all on your doorstep.”

The couple have been planning their move for some time as Eilidh explains: “We knew that we wanted to buy a new home together, but we didn’t want to be too far from our families, our friends or have a long commute. We’ve been interested in buying a new home for a while and we’ve done our research. We just feel that Taylor Wimpey’s homes look different from other developers; they look lovely, and you can see their quality is exceptional because I’ve lived behind Taylor Wimpey’s Beechcroft development in Dalry for many years and those houses have aged well.”

The couple reserved off-plan with Taylor Wimpey’s sale executive Carol helping them from day one as Eilidh adds: “We hadn’t seen any houses in-person and originally, we thought we wanted a Blair house type – similar in size to our Baxter but with a different layout. But when we chatted to Carol, she explained that we would have to wait months for a Blair house. So we took another look at the development and the house type floorplans and we realised that the Baxter was perfect for us.

“Having the lounge to the back of our house with French doors to our private garden, right out to our decking and patio furniture means it’s a great space to socialise and we really love it. We recently had our friends and family over and the space worked really well, and the garden almost felt like an extension of our lounge/dining room. We’ve really made this space work for us.”

The couple have enjoyed a stress-free buying journey with Taylor Wimpey. “I get easily worried about things in life,” explains Eilidh “and surprisingly I just didn’t find buying a new home with Taylor Wimpey stressful at all. Carol was so helpful and always happy to answer all my questions. She gave us lots of information, guidance and reassurance throughout and we felt that we were really taken care of.


“Buying a new home is a big deal for us and we really wanted our parents to see what we had purchased. During one of our planned visits to the development, Carol also arranged for both sets of parents to join us and that was just so helpful. It meant so much to me that our parents could see the home that we had committed to, and it was lovely that Carol could arrange that for us.

“There was never a time when we didn’t know what was going on and Carol and her colleague Emma were fab at keeping us in the loop. They really took care of us and went out of their way to reassure us throughout the process, and we got regular and very detailed emails about the progress of our build and purchase from the time that we reserved.

“As first-time buyers I think the most nerve-wrecking part was dealing with the solicitors but to be honest, we were put in touch with Taylor Wimpey’s recommended solicitors, and they just reassured us throughout. They’re used to dealing with Taylor Wimpey and they know what they need and when they need it. It was so helpful that this part of the process was taken care of for us. We just had to make sure that we had read and signed the paperwork within the timescales we were given. Even when we started to run over very slightly, everyone reassured us not to worry and that everything would work out fine, which it did, and this really kept me calm.”

Kyle adds: “Watching our home being built, it just didn’t feel real. And I just kept wondering how this would be our house but now it really does feel like home. We’re also very lucky because we’ve got friends and people that we know who have also bought a new home here; and it’s also lovely to meet our new neighbours. Everyone is very friendly and it’s great when new people move-in. You can see them popping up to the development to have a look at their home being built and then a few weeks’ later you see them moving in. It is amazing to see the development just grow into a lovely community.”

The couple have always wanted a new-build home. They wanted to be able to put their stamp on things rather and they love the convenience that buying a new home offered them. They offer some valuable advice for other first-time buyers as Kyle explains: “Don’t be nervous or scared, just go for it. Buying a new home takes away a lot of the stress you think you might face when you buy a new home.”

Eilidh adds: “You can move into your home with everything done for you - it’s great, stress-free and I just don’t think I could buy a home any other way.”