9th December 2022

Four bedroom detached new-build home offers a stress-free step up the ladder for one family

Existing customers take next step on the property ladder to next new-build home.

Hazel Rogers testimonial in kitchen

Benefitting from buying new 

Hazel and Anthony Rogers, both nurses, needed a larger home and more room for their growing family.  As existing Taylor Wimpey customers living at its local development in Stepps, they already knew the quality, style and craftmanship they would get when they discovered the Geddes four bedroom detached home at Stoneyetts View in Moodiesburn.  A house they knew offered them exactly what they needed to take a step up the property ladder.
Hazel rogers testimonial doors

As well as being situated in the perfect location just a few miles away from Hazel’s parents in Kirkintilloch, buying a new home with Taylor Wimpey’s Easymover scheme made the family’s move stress-free as Hazel explains: “We used this scheme when we moved to Taylor Wimpey’s development in Stepps a number of years ago, so we knew just how helpful it was. When Nicola, our sales executive, suggested that Easymover could help us with the process of buying our new home at Stoneyetts View, I knew that it was a great option for us.

“We’re a busy family with lots going on and plenty to juggle so using the Easymover scheme took the pressure to sell our existing home away. The nominated Estate Agents did all the work, and we saved money on arranging the Home Report and on agency fees too. It helped out with our budget making it a win-win situation for everyone.

“As part of the process, your property has eight weeks to be sold, and although our house took it right to the wire to sell, we were pleased when it did. Nicola reassured us throughout the whole process and kept us updated. She really took care of us to make a fairly stressful situation much easier to manage.

“And because we were old hands at Easymover really, we were very happy to work with the solicitor that we used before. That all worked brilliantly as it did before – they were great. So friendly, so helpful and they just made our sale and buying process so smooth.

“At the end of the day, after reserving our perfect new four bedroom house, I didn’t want to lose it so it was great news when our old property sold.”

The family benefitted from buying new in so many other ways too as Anthony adds: “When you buy a new home it feels so much easier than buying a second-hand property. There’s no competition or an ’offers-over’ situation– so it’s far easier to budget to buy the style and size of home that suits your circumstances. Obviously, in popular locations there is a bit of competition to perhaps get the home you want, but in terms of the price and optional extras it’s all very transparent and that makes it clear and easy for you to make your decisions with far more certainty than trying to a buy a second-hand property.

“Also, we have found that buying a new home is a hassle-free way route to owning property – everything is done for you and there’s no maintenance or DIY to worry about. With busy working lives and juggling family time that’s a real bonus that both Hazel and I appreciate.”

The floorplan of the Geddes four bedroom detached ticked all the family’s boxes as Hazel continues: “We didn’t have a particular style of home in mind when we originally looked at moving to Stoneyetts View, we just really needed a four bedroom property. We liked another style called the Maxwell and went on the waiting list at the development for when one of those would come up.

“Knowing that we really did want to move, Nicola contacted us to chat through the other four bedroom styles the development offered, giving us quite a few options that we could think about. We loved the layout of the Geddes and Nicola arranged for us to go to the show home of the same style at their Benthall Farm development in East Kilbride.

“Walking through it, we both really liked it. The bedrooms are a great size and the Jack/Jill en suite between bedroom 2 and 3 is just so handy. Our children use this to run around in circles at the moment, but when they are a bit older, we know that having access to their own en suite will be so helpful.

“From reserving in March 2022, we finally moved in September 2022. It was a very smooth and stress-free day. Nicola really took care of us – she checked everything and made sure that we felt looked after which was lovely. Even now, the aftercare is brilliant. Everyone is so efficient and quick to respond that it just makes us feel so supported.

“We had a little drama not long after we moved in where the front door chain broke. I was very nervous the children would be able to unlock the door and get out the house. As soon as I reported the issue, it was sorted straightaway. I was so grateful and it’s really nice to know that everyone is still there to take care of things for us.”

Energy-efficiency is also a big plus with new build homes and those features also bring benefits to the family as Anthony adds: “Our previous Taylor Wimpey home was well insulated and always very cosy with very little heating needed. So much so that we’re used to that energy-efficiency now, so it was a significant consideration for us when we were looking to move.

“Our new home has PV solar panels so they will help a little bit to reduce our bills. At the moment, it’s hard to say what impact they will have because we’ve only recently moved in and its winter, but everything helps. Energy bills are only going up so it’s important to look at every way you can to be energy-efficient and buying a new home certainly helps with that.”