2nd december 2022

Helpful phone-call helps first-time buyer take a step on the property ladder in Barrhead

David is a great believer in fate and that things happen for a reason so a call from Taylor Wimpey’s sales executive Lorraine in September last year was the start of a very exciting journey to owning his own first home in Barrhead.

Duncarnock testimonial kitchen

Calling Duncarnock home

Ahead of Taylor Wimpey’s Duncarnock development launching for sale, he took a call from Lorraine that would change everything as he explains: “I’ve always rented in Paisley but during the pandemic I moved back to live with my parents in Neilston, and after a period of time I noticed that Taylor Wimpey’s Duncarnock development in nearby Barrhead was launching for sale.  I registered my details in August to find out more.  
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“Just a few weeks later I was working from home, and I received a call to my mobile from a number that I didn’t recognise and unusually, I accepted the call. It was Lorraine calling to tell me the first three bedroom homes within the first phase were launching for sale at Duncarnock in a few days’ time. She wanted to chat to me about what type of home I was looking for, and to let me know what the process would be for the launch of when the homes would go on sale.

“I just wasn’t prepared; I am a first-time buyer and I’d done absolutely no research after registering my details. What I did know was that I was really interested in this development.

“Lorraine was so helpful – she did my research with me right there on the phone, and she took me through the online brochure explaining each of the house types that were launching for sale. We talked about the different styles and my budget.

“Lorraine explained what I would need to have in place before I tried to reserve one of the new homes at the development. She asked me if I had a solicitor or if I had been in touch with an IFA to discuss my mortgage options. When I said ‘no’ but that I would like some help, she took care of everything and put me in touch with Taylor Wimpey’s IFA and solicitor. Within a day I had an offer of mortgage in principle in place and a solicitor who would act for me throughout the process – it was incredible how quickly everything moved but Lorraine really took care of me and supported me throughout. She’s made my property buying journey very special.”

The launch phase of a development is a particularly busy and exciting time. As part of the process of getting ready to launch, sales executives will take customers through the process of buying a new home and what they need to do to be ready.

“Lorraine knew the pent-up demand for the first homes to launch at Duncarnock was so strong that she had a waiting list”, explains David. “She was brilliant in getting me organised to be in the best possible position to call and reserve. In fact, she gave me a tip that to have the best chance of getting the Baxter house that I wanted.

“She explained that on the morning of the launch the phonelines would be very busy and that I should arrange to have friends and family available to increase my chances of getting through.

“At 10.57am on the morning of the launch, I had 22 friends and family in my parent’s home and a few dotted around the UK poised ready to call when the development launched for sale at 11am. It was my sister who got through on my behalf and then I was able to chat to Lorraine directly to reserve the Baxter. Shortly afterwards a friend’s mum also managed to get through to Lorraine who was able to say that I had been successful.”

Later that day after David had reserved his new home off-plan, the team arranged for him to pop along to Taylor Wimpey’s development in nearby Paisley to see their two and three bedroom show homes to let him see the style, quality and craftmanship that he had just reserved at nearby Barrhead. In fact David only saw the layout of the Baxter when he got a sneak preview of the show homes at Duncarnock as he explains: “Lorraine very kindly arranged for me and my next-door neighbour-to-be to visit the Baxter show home just before it officially opened to the public and I was amazed when I saw it, and just so happy that I’d chosen this style.

“The layout just really works for me, and I love having the lounge with the French doors to my rear garden – it’s great for socialising! Plus, I’m still working from home right now, so I can have the third bedroom as my office which still leaves two bedrooms which is great. When we were chatting about the option choices for my house, I felt unsure about what to choose but Lorraine and her colleague Linzi where just brilliant with their advice and guidance.”

The team also sent progress pictures of David’s house being built and stayed in regular contact throughout the build process, and when he got the keys to his house it was a brilliant day for everyone as he adds: “When I saw my finished house and got the keys it was just very surreal but very exciting. From the first visit it felt like my home. I love my spot within the development – I have the most incredible views across the countryside towards the lights of Glasgow. And I feel that I am close to everything I need in terms of shops and amenities without being ‘in it’ and I like that.

“As a first-time buyer Lorraine and Linzi made everything so easy for me and they kept me right at every stage. Everything has been seamless, from the level of service from day one chatting to Lorraine in sales through to the support from the site team and the aftercare with customer service, the team at Taylor Wimpey has made my whole experience phenomenal and we’ve had a few laughs along the way.”

David has some advice for other first-time buyers considering a move to a new home: “‘It’s yours, it’s your spec and it’s hyper-efficient which is brilliant. Buying a new means that I’ve got the benefit of Taylor Wimpey behind me, as well as the NHBC guarantee – just go for it!”