Thursday 15th june 2023

We support a homelessness and crisis relief organisation in Coventry

We've recently donated £500 to support the Bardsley Youth Project, a homelessness and crisis relief organisation that provides one-to-one sessions and support to young people.


Tackling hidden homelessness 

Located near to our Appledown Gate development, the youth homelessness charity has been active since 2013, helping those aged 16-25 who are seeking accommodation and support in the Coventry area.

The Bardsley Youth Project aims to tackle street homelessness and ‘hidden homelessness’ - a term used to describe sofa surfing which often gets unnoticed by authorities as people aren’t visible on the street. 

The project has used our donation to cover the costs incurred in running the Warm Hub - a hub for young people who are struggling to heat their homes in the colder months.

The project runs various initiatives, including providing individuals with valuable life skills through one-to-one support sessions, which cover applying for and navigating systems and processes such as Coventry Homefinder, council tax, and DWP.