Wednesday 22nd november 2023

New decorative benches revealed in Biggleswade 

Four new decorative benches have been unveiled at our Orchard Chase development in Biggleswade, designed by chainsaw sculptor, Peter Leadbeater.

bench donation in Biggleswade

Celebrating local history and culture 

As part of planning permission for the development, our South Midlands team were required to commission four decorative benches that were each designed to reflect the history and culture of the local area. 

The team reviewed several proposals from artists in the area but chose to work with Peter after being impressed by his specialty - using a chainsaw to carve and produce artistic sculptors. Once on board, Peter held a ‘meet the artist’ session at Orchard Chase to interact with the community and encourage their input in the designs. He also gave a demonstration on how chainsaw carvings are made. 

bench donation in Biggleswade

Ideas were narrowed down and presented to Central Bedfordshire Council, with the final designs being confirmed as a bench to represent the Orchard Chase development, two to mark the market gardens adjacent to the wider site and one as a nod to the horse fair heritage of Biggleswade.

Fiona Lloyd,  Sales Director at Taylor Wimpey South Midlands, said: “We couldn’t be happier with how the decorative benches have turned out, they are incredibly unique and create a real sense of place and interest at Orchard Chase for our residents. I have no doubt that they will be admired and used by the local community for many generations. We want to say a big thanks to Peter for his hard work on this project.” 

For members of the public looking to view the benches, one is outside the developments sales centre, next to the small play area. Two are on the Public Right of Way path outside the large play area to the North East. The final bench is on the Public Right of Way path to the South-East of the site.