8th April 2024

Buyers make an easy move to East Kilbride

“We only moved in a few weeks ago but we already love it and Sarah’s made lots of new friends already which is lovely and exactly what we wanted for her. We love the development; we’ve got great local walks for our cockapoo Tric and we’ve already met quite a few of the neighbours and there’s a lovely sense of community."

Amble Court testimonial

Home sweet home

Anne and James Hamill and their daughter Sarah, aged 7, have chosen a new home at our Amble Court development in the new neighbourhood of Jacktonhall in East Kilbride as their perfect family move.

They’ve had a great experience and customer journey buying a new home as Anne explains: “We are second-time buyers and originally, we were looking at new homes at Taylor Wimpey’s nearby Benthall Farm. We knew that our mortgage was coming up in 2025 and we thought we would look to move around that time too so popped along to the development to start our research.

“While visiting the show homes, we met Adele from one of Taylor Wimpey’s independent mortgage specialists, because she happened to be at the development. We got chatting about our situation, and we found out that we could ‘port’ our fixed rate mortgage and move that to a new home and then top up with a new mortgage for the difference.

“James and I didn’t know that you could do that, and when we realised that we didn’t need to wait for our existing mortgage offer to run out, and that we could make our move to a new home far earlier than we had first thought - we got really excited.  

Amble Court testimonial
“We simply wouldn’t have moved without the expertise and guidance from the team at First Mortgage. Adele told us what mortgages were available and what was possible with our budget and circumstances in simple and easy to understand language. In fact, chatting to Adele was so valuable because she was able to advise us on exactly what we could afford, and she arranged a Mortgage in Principle for us the very next day. This meant that we could confidently look at houses knowing exactly what we could afford for our budget.

“At the point of completing our full mortgage application, I was worried because the mortgage rates were fluctuating a lot, and I was concerned that we might miss out on an opportunity to secure a cheaper rate. But the First Mortgage team assured me that they would oversee everything and if there was a better rate available in the market that we were eligible for then they would guarantee we would get it.

“There’s just no way we would have tracked rates and reapplied for mortgages, I wouldn’t have had the energy, but First Mortgage just restart the process for you. The whole process with them has just felt really good and it’s free to use them. There’s absolutely no pressure to buy a new home from Taylor Wimpey. I was able to go through the full mortgage application with Lynne at First Mortgage during my lunchbreak at work, and because they work independently with Taylor Wimpey, they could easily communicate with them on our behalf. They are very quick to respond to any questions that you have, and they also put us in touch with people to take care of things like our life assurance and buildings insurance. They made things so easy and stress-free for us.

“To be honest, we didn’t think that our move to a new home would happen for at least another year but getting advice and support from First Mortgage has made such a difference to our family. It’s changed our family’s happiness.”

Sales executive Pamela’s experience and professionalism, as well as that of her colleague Carol, gave the family the confidence that we were making the right choice with Taylor Wimpey. The family also took advantage of the Easymover scheme which worked out brilliantly as James comments: “Easymover was amazing for us and having used the scheme there’s no way we would have known how to properly market our house. Seeing it on Rightmove was incredible and after going on the market it was sold within a week.

“Even when that buyer pulled out just before Christmas and our hearts sank, Carol at Taylor Wimpey was brilliant and gave us lots of reassurance and within 24 hours we had another offer. It was a great service and worked well for us. The team have been so friendly and approachable throughout – it's been great.”

Initially James was excited to take a step up the property ladder and buy a new Geddes four bedroom detached, but in fact, it was his daughter Sarah who ultimately chose the new family home, as he adds: “We did lots of research before choosing to move to this development.  We looked at different four bedroom houses at Benthall Farm – I loved the Geddes, but Anne liked the layout of the Drummond four bedroom detached.  In the end, we were a little worried about the timescales and putting our old house on the market, so we put everything on hold for a little bit.  

Excited about the move!

"We knew that we wanted to move, and through our initial chance meeting with Adele from First Mortgage we knew what we could afford but we were still not set on a location. We discovered Amble Court, and we popped in to see its Drummond show home. That was the style of home that Anne really liked, but our daughter Sarah popped into the Chalmers three bedroom show home next door and said that she preferred it! And that was it.

Taylor Wimpey the Chalmers home new build
“Things moved really quickly after that because we discovered that a Chalmers home had just become available that day because someone had changed their mind. Our sales executive Pamela was fantastic.

“She managed to get us keys to see inside the actual house the next day before we reserved it; she was so well informed, and she made us feel right at home with some cookies and brownies! The whole team at Taylor Wimpey has been so friendly and accommodating throughout our journey with them. They’ve been informative without being scary and they’ve made everything stress-free.”

Anne adds: “While we loved the layout of the Drummond, the Chalmers has all the space we need, and it works for us. We use the third bedroom as a multi-functional space, and the lounge is spacious yet still feels cosy and there’s space to dine which feels nice. And while the kitchen is spacially smaller than our old home, I somehow have more surfaces to work on! Plus, the integral garage offers us the opportunity to expand if we want to in the future.

“Schooling was also a really important factor in our decision to move, and we wanted Sarah to grow up in more of a community with families around with children of a similar age. So, to discover the brand-new Jackton primary school on the doorstep was a big tick for us.

A lovely sense of community

“We only moved in a few weeks ago but we already love it and Sarah’s made lots of new friends already which is lovely and exactly what we wanted for her. We love the development; we’ve got great local walks for our cockapoo Tric and we’ve already met quite a few of the neighbours and there’s a lovely sense of community.

“Our advice to other buyers is there’s no pressure to buy a new home if you get advice from an independent mortgage specialist like First Mortgage. We did our full mortgage application twice, and Adele did everything for us. In the end it saved us £30 per month which adds up over a year, and indeed the life of your mortgage deal. So, ask the independent mortgage specialists the questions and get their help and expertise– it will open doors for you.”

Amble customer testimonial