Monday 8th July 2024

Hereford homelessness charity crowned winner of our Community Chest competition

Earlier this year, we launched a Community Chest project on social media asking the local community in Hereford to nominate good causes to share in our Community Chest.

Taylor Wimpey donation

Residents from in and around Hereford were invited to nominate local, worthy recipients for the prize and after receiving over 200 entries, we proudly selected The Living Room as our winner, awarding them with £1,000.

The Living Room is a café, community larder and communal space which provides a safe place for anyone, right in the centre of Hereford. Founded in 2020, this grassroots organisation has developed organically, by responding to the needs of the community and helping people impacted by homelessness in the region.


The charity, a project run by Ethos, is driven by its mission to provide essential support and services to the community's most vulnerable members. In 2023, The Living Room delivered 2387 free hot meals to homeless individuals, ensuring they have access to nutritious food. Additionally, the charity extended its support to 1172 Ukrainian refugees, offering them much-needed stability and resources during challenging times.


This donation will enable The Living Room to continue and expand its vital work, helping even more people in need.

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To find out more information about The Living Room and the work they do for the community, please visit