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Land and Buildings Transaction Tax holiday

The LBTT holiday ended in Scotland on 31st March 2021, meaning the zero tax threshold has dropped from £250,000 back to £145,000. First time buyers will benefit from a nil tax threshold of £175,000, as they did prior to the 15th July 2020.

Customer moving into her new home

What do the LBTT changes mean?

The Scottish Government has removed LBTT for home purchases up to £250,000 and anyone buying a property below £250,000 in Scotland will not pay this tax until 31 March 2021.

This applies to first time buyers as well as those moving on from an existing home.

How much could I save?

Buyers in Scotland will save up to £2,100 when they move home by the 31 March 2021. Take a look at our examples below for details of what you need to pay. If you are buying a new home over £250,000, you’ll still need to pay LBTT charges.

The amount you pay increases on a sliding scale, but you’ll still pay less than before the LBTT changes.

LBTT table

My new home is more than £250,000

For any new home worth more than £250,000, you will need to pay LBTT but the amount increases on a sliding scale. Because the threshold has increased, you'll pay less LBTT than before the changes took place.

Take a look at our worked example in this table for an idea of how much LBTT you'll need to pay.

LBBT example