The Monkford

Spacious open-plan living and with a large kitchen and dining area, The Monkford is the perfect place for sharing precious moments with friends and family.

The Monkford

Buying a new build is often compared with a blank canvas. You’re the artist and together we can help you with the broad brush strokes. The composition of the interior space and the design choices you make will affect the look and feel. The rest is up to you.

The Monkford is the perfect canvas for your interior inspiration. Traditional on the outside, stylish and modern on the inside. With a large kitchen/dining area, a good sized living room and four bedrooms. Giving you the space you need to adapt rooms and reinvent how you live your life.

Style the Monkford, your way. We know that space is important to you, which is why it’s designed with an expansive kitchen/dining area and ample lounge. The choice of high quality options and finishes, with the space to create the look you want, around your lifestyle.