Walls and ceilings

  • Man building the walls of a home
    The walls in your home are either timber frame or metal frame or block construction, lined with plasterboard. It is important to know what type of walls you have prior to attempting to attach anything to them. You will need to ensure that the correct fixings are used depending on the wall type.
  • Ceilings and wall linings of plasterboard may perform essential fire, noise and vapour insulation functions, so please bear this in mind when considering any alterations or work to these.
  • Most light pictures can be hung on a steel pin or hook (the type obtained at any DIY store) and hammered into the plasterboard. However, for heavier items such as wall mirrors, floor cupboards or wall cupboards, we recommend a sturdier fixing.
  • Internal walls generally have a hollow cavity, so such items may need to be attached with a steel cavity fixing, mounted through holes in the wall, gripping the plasterboard from behind.