Buyers take a step up the property ladder in Inverkeithing

When choosing the location to take a step up the property ladder from their previous home, Ali Stewart and his fiancée Tilly didn’t look too far beyond their old front door to stay in a new home at Spencer Fields in Inverkeithing.  

Spencer Fields customer testimonial

More space

When the couple bought their first home together in the first phase of the development, they had always planned to stay in their Baxter three bedroom home for a few years to establish themselves on the property ladder.

But moving up the ladder was always in their plan as Ali explains: “We’ve been really happy in our original three bedroom home at Spencer Fields, but we always said that when and if the time came to take a step up the ladder that we would love to move to the Douglas four bedroom detached. In fact, if our budget had allowed at the time, we would have bought this style the first time around.  

Spencer Fields customer testimonial

A great place to call home

Spencer Fields has superb transport links as Tilly adds: “We originally bought at this development because the transport links are fantastic, and we really liked the feel of the development. It’s always felt really open compared to any other developments that we have looked at.

“So when it was time to make that move up, while we did look at other properties and locations which also included the second-hand market, we still really loved Spencer Fields. We chose it the first time around specifically because it has such great transport links, and easy access to the Fife Coastal Path and nearby woodlands for walks with our springer spaniel Ziggy.  

Spencer Fields street scene

“And nothing’s changed there so we didn’t want to move somewhere that would compromise the things we really enjoy about living here. We’ve also made some lovely friends here and everyone is so friendly and the development is so peaceful. Also, we have great local amenities in Inverkeithing, plus Edinburgh is so easy to get to for work and shopping.

“So, after doing our research, we were more than happy to stay here in Spencer Fields because we could reserve the size and style of house that we really wanted, still get the benefit of all the things we love about this location, and our new house has a fantastic view over the three bridges of the Firth of Forth, which is a real bonus.”

Second time around, the team at Taylor Wimpey has really taken care of the couple as Ali adds: “We sold our house around six months before our new home was ready to move into, and our sales executives Isla and then latterly Callum were great at keeping us updated on how things were progressing. 

More support

“While Tilly is an expert and knew how to use Taylor Wimpey’s Touchpoint system which allows you to start personalising your new home from the day you reserve, they were so helpful when we popped in for our various appointments to decide on our options. Both Isla and Callum were really happy to support us throughout the process - even though we had done it all before. They also made our move-in day as special as they could despite our own challenges to get to the development from Perth where we were living with parents and were snowed in!

“We also took advantage of chatting to Taylor Wimpey’s independent financial advisor – in fact the same firm who gave us advice with our first purchase. They were so easy to deal with and that just made our re-mortgaging process very straightforward.”

Spencer Fields customer testimonial