Tuesday 4th April 2023

Couple buy their first home together at Rothwells Farm

After meeting at the University of Cambridge 9 years ago, Freyja Cooper (29) and her wife, Emily Louise (31), bought their first home in July 2022

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Buying first home together

After renting for a while, the couple turned to us to help them find their dream home together. Freya said: “We rented for a long time, bouncing between Cambridge and London based on our jobs. We came north when Emily was doing her Masters at York University, and we fell in love with this part of the country. We ultimately chose Golborne to be a bit closer to family."

Freyja continues: "Buying our own home has been our goal for ages, and we finally made it happen last year. We’d had our fill of moving and we were fed up of dealing with landlords and tossing money into the void that is renting. It feels so good to finally settle down in our own place!”

After falling in love with the area, the couple turned their attention to the development that suited them most: “Rothwells Farm was a good location, and we liked the design of the houses. When we looked around the show home, we felt that it offered a good balance between space and cost, and it ticked all of our boxes.

What really stood out, and what set the development apart from other places we had looked at, was that the houses aren’t cramped together. Every property has space to breathe, rather than being packed in like sardines. It makes a huge difference to the visual appeal and the atmosphere of the development.”

Freyja reflects on their moving in process: “It went surprisingly smoothly! As first-time buyers we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but Sophie and Mike made it not just painless, but actually enjoyable. They were always responsive and super accommodating."