Thursday 22 April 2021

Exmouth couple create their dream garden at Buckingham Heights

New homeowner in doorway

An Exmouth couple decided to make the switch from apartment life to a brand new home with their own outdoor space at our Buckingham Heights community in Exmouth.

Mark Matthews-Stroud and his wife Tracey purchased their home at the new development in November 2020. The couple have since enjoyed making the home their perfect space, adding their own stamp to the property and the garden.

In preparation for their first summer in their new home, the couple were keen to personalise their garden. Over the course of a long weekend, Mark and Tracey managed to take their garden from a blank canvas to suiting their personalities perfectly - just in time for warmer weather.

Mark said: “Tracey and I moved from my two-bed flat as we really wanted a bigger property that we could truly make our own, and we’re delighted with the progress we’ve made on the home since we got the keys late last year. Quite quickly, we got the house itself to our liking but were left wondering what to do with the garden.

“We decided to take a long weekend and perfect the area after having the top area paved. We added small stones and bark throughout the garden and completed the space with some gorgeous furniture and lights as well as the obvious pots and plants.”

Tracey added: “As the garden is quite a small space, we managed to perfect it in such a short amount of time, and we’re so pleased that we can sit outside in the garden with a drink in the evenings now that the nights are getting warmer and lighter.”