Thursday 14th March 2024

Family find forever home at Clare Garden Village

Victoria and Gareth Evans, accompanied by their two young boys, embarked on a journey to find a place they could truly call home. Their nomadic lifestyle, dictated by work, led them to Clare Garden Village, seeking a haven where their boys could thrive amidst a close-knit community.

Clare Garden Village street scene

Settling down

Formerly residing in Newport, their desire to be closer to family in Swansea drew them back to the welcoming embrace of Cowbridge, a place they fondly remembered from their past.

"Location was paramount for us," Victoria explained. "Clare Garden Village offers the perfect blend of accessibility to major routes and proximity to local amenities, including the charming high street." Upon their first encounter with the development, they were struck by its expansive layout and the abundance of recreational spaces, with multiple parks within a stone's throw from their doorstep.

Clare Garden Village Customers

Initially considering older properties for renovation, the allure of Clare Garden Village gradually won them over. Victoria shared: "As we explored the site and examined the quality of construction, we realised the potential for personalisation and the benefits of a new build. Our decision was reinforced by the thoughtful design and efficient use of space offered by Taylor Wimpey homes, complemented by the lush green surroundings and exemplary service provided by the dedicated staff, particularly Karen, whose warmth and professionalism left a lasting impression on us.”

"The abundance of natural light was a key selling point for us," Gareth remarked. "It creates a welcoming atmosphere throughout the house, enhancing our everyday living experience."

Since settling into their new home, the Evans family has embraced their newfound lifestyle, relishing the warmth of their welcoming neighbours and the vibrant community spirit at Clare Garden Village. "The sense of community here surpassed our expectations," Victoria enthused. "The open spaces have been a godsend for the boys, and being able to stroll to the high street for a treat is amazing!"

Navigating the buying process with us was a smooth and reassuring experience for the Evans family. Victoria said: “The staff on site were incredibly empathetic and helpful during our moving process. We had to move into rented accommodation because our buyers needed an accelerated purchase which was challenging for various reasons. We explained this to the site team and they were great at keeping us up to date and giving us clear guidance for when the property would be ready. It allowed us to make clear decisions with an accurate picture of what the time frames would be.”

Reflecting on their journey, Victoria offered enthusiastic encouragement to prospective buyers: "We would wholeheartedly choose Taylor Wimpey again. Visiting another site to see our house style firsthand was invaluable and something we highly recommend to others considering a purchase." In Clare Garden Village, the Evans family has found not just a home, but a sanctuary where cherished memories are made and lifelong friendships blossom.