friday 24th may 2024

Our 'five star' Eynsford home delights new resident at Hassocks development

Our latest resident at our Ockley Park development in Hassocks is thrilled with her new three-bedroom Eynsford home. 

Taylor Wimpey home

Feeling right at home

Helen, who is familiar with Hassocks after living there previously for a number of years, was keen to return to the area and chose the our Ockley Park as the perfect location to call home.

Helen said: “I know Hassocks well, and I had a clear idea of what I was searching for in a new home. Fortunately, I found what I was looking for with Taylor Wimpey’s Ockley Park.

Taylor Wimpey home

“I got a really positive feeling about the place as soon as I arrived, and was particularly impressed with how the whole development was being maintained. The gardening and landscaping is of a high standard, which is great.”

Our popular three-bedroom Eynsford home instantly stood out to Helen, with the house type's spacious layout striking her as particularly impressive.

“For me, I needed a home that ticked various boxes and had a five star feel about it. My Eynsford plot does just that. Each floor has a real wow factor about them, and are well complemented by a nice open plan downstairs kitchen area. 

“All of the fixtures and fittings are of good quality, which is a really important part of any new home, and I’m particularly appreciative of my stunning garden layout when we’ve had a sunny day.”

Surrounded by countryside with access to a range of transport links, Helen explains how life at Ockley Park is ideal for a range of house buyers.

“As a package for buyers of all ages and situations, Ockley Park offers plenty. For people like myself who place real value on location, location, location, the development has definitely delivered for its residents.”