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Understanding Land Transaction Tax in Wales 

Wondering how much Land Transaction Tax you need to pay on a new home in Wales? Well, it depends on the value of the property. Here’s a simple guide.

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Are you buying a property in Wales?

Then you'll need to swot up a little on Land Transaction Tax (LTT) in Wales. Here's our simple guide. 

How much will I pay?

Land Transaction Tax is payable on residential properties costing £180,000 or more.

You’ll pay tax on the part of the property price within each band, as shown in this table.

Land Transaction Tax Table

How much will I pay from October 2022?

Following the Welsh Government announcement in September 2022, from 10th October, the threshold of the Land Transaction Tax payable on residential properties will be raised to £225,000.

LTT Wales

Still unsure how much you'll pay?

The Welsh Government have created a handy calculator to help you work it out.

Take a look before you buy. 

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