How to get moving guides

Countdown to moving day

Make sure you're prepared for the big move.

Customer moving into her new home

The big day is nearly here and your new home is almost ready for you.

Here's some helpful checks for you over the next few weeks to help you get ready:

1. Book your removal company

Once you have your move date, contact a handful of removal companies for quotes. It pays to shop around. You'll need to consider whether you or the removers will pack your home contents, and supply packing materials like boxes, sellotape and filling. Once you're happy, book them in.
Men carrying boxes into new home

2. Get organised

Reconfirm with your removals company again closer to the date. Think about logistics, like parking, and how you need to leave your current home. Do keys need returning? Have you informed the utilities suppliers? Do you have food for that evening? Clothes for the morning? It's worth taking the time to plan a few days ahead.
Men taking down curtain in living room

3. Get packing

If you're packing your own contents, then go room by room and label each box clearly. Keep one box aside for the important things like keys, cups and a kettle. You'll need a nice drink after a move.

Woman and children moving in with boxes

4. Be move ready

On the day, make sure all your contents are packed and your old place is ready for move-out. Double check there's space to load up and that all walkways are clear and safe.
Couple chatting in the kitchen

5. Moving day

It's a fact of life that moving is hard work, but it's worth it. Stay fed, hydrated and above all, calm. Try to be supportive and helpful and plan for that wonderful moment when the door closes and it's all yours - your new home.
Family recieving keys to new home