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4 steps to an organised hallway

Regularly delayed by a frantic hunt for lost items? It might be time to clear your hallway so that it's tidy and clutter-free.

 Hadley Grange, Clipstone Park - Hall

Check out these easy tips for designing a welcoming hallway.


Every home needs a loading bay by the door – a surface for offloading all your small items. A stylish console table is the obvious choice, but if you’re trying to save space, a smaller zone will do the trick.

Add an attractive dish or basket, where you can pop loose change, keys and all the other bits and pieces that find their way into your bag and pockets.

Bramley Wood, Sandbach, Lavenham - Hall

Hang loose

Avoid a heap of coats on the banister by installing enough hooks for your outerwear. A handy shelf with a row of coat hooks underneath is ideal for keeping your jackets and bags in order.

Position another line of coat pegs at a lower level for children to easily hang their bags and jackets, rather than discarding them on the floor.

The Redwood - Shelford - Hall

Filter your footwear

Keep shoes in order with a neat rack or a couple of rows of low shelves and pop a seat nearby to make it easy to pull on tricky boots and trainers. Alternatively, splash out on a storage bench with a padded seat and plenty of room for footwear below.

Need somewhere for your wellies? Position an extra row of pegs in a low spot, so you can hang your muddy boots upside down when you come home.

Highley, Hugesleah Place - The Monkford - Hall

Round up your outerwear

If you’re always losing your gloves and hats, keep them together in an attractive basket in your hallway. In a busy home you might need more than one, so consider allocating a different type of item to each basket, or give every member of the household their own storage hamper.

For a super stylish and organised hallway find an attractive umbrella stand.

Bowbrook, Hartlebury_Hartlebury - Hall