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How to design a child's bedroom

The key to a perfect kids space? A balance of fun, function and forward planning

Child's bedroom in shades of pink and red, from The Enysham show home, Silver Waters

Don't blow the budget

It’s easy to keep costs down when it comes to designing your child’s bedroom. The trick is to invest in some sturdy basic pieces and add a few purse-friendly DIY items.

Personalise small furniture with a lick of paint and try your hand at making some fun craft decorations, such as the bunting in this room. You could even get your child onboard by encouraging them to make simple wall decorations and artwork to hang – there are lots of easy tutorials online that you and your little one can try together.
Pink child's bedroom with bunting

Go to new heights

Let’s face it, kids accumulate a lot of stuff – toys, books, pens, sports equipment, you name it. So storage is vital if you want to avoid a room full of clutter. Maximise space by choosing furniture that uses vertical areas rather than taking up room on the floor. Here, for example the bed sits above a zone for shelves, drawers and even a secret hiding spot. It uses height in the room, but is also easily accessible for the child to safely take out and put away their toys.

Child's bedroom from The Downham Show Home

Create a wonderland

A child’s bedroom is a place where you can unleash your playful side, so have fun when choosing decorations. It’s simple to turn the space into your child’s own magical land with just one or two additions. 

Take this room for example, the main furniture is simple and white, but a wall mural around the bed has created a woodland world for the child. By decorating two walls and leaving the rest neutral, the owners can easily update the space later.

Child's bedroom with wilderness scene on wall

Add adaptable furniture

When choosing the main items for your child’s bedroom, bear in mind that these pieces need to grow with them. A toddler’s needs are different from those of a teenager, so by thinking long term at the beginning you’ll avoid expensive changes later on. 

Go for furniture that can adapt to any colour scheme and function, like the chair and bedside table in this room. The timeless wood finish looks great in the camping-themed room now, and will work just as well as the child grows. Consider also, a flexible bed – you can find small toddler beds that stretch out to full-size when needed.
Themed child's bedroom