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How to get the show home look

6 tips from an expert interior designer for creating a home everyone will want to talk about.

Elmsham lounge at Clare Garden Village

We’ve all done it. We’ve all walked into a beautifully-decorated showhome and thought just how lovely it’d be to have a home that was so perfectly pristine with all the right accessories in all the right places. Well, worry not – now you can!

Our showhomes are created by expert interior designers who know all the tricks of the trade for achieving immaculate homes that ooze style. Follow in their footsteps by reading the advice below from Susan White, Managing Director of Phoenix Design, and you’ll soon have a home that everybody’s talking about...

Breathe life into a room with upholstery

Upholstered panels and bed heads look very stylish and give that boutique hotel look. 
Bed with upholstered panels

Make it symmetrical

Interior designers love symmetry. Add a side table at each end of a sofa with matching lamps. Keep cushions symmetrical and use accessories in groups of three on a console or fireplace for a beautifully-styled room.

Dining room with symmetrical table and chairs

Make your bed the star

An impeccably-made bed gives the ultimate ‘showhome’ look. Tuck in sheets and duvets, add a throw (or two) and countless cushions in corresponding colours and make sure everything is smooth and even before leaving the room. 

Red bedroom with foot rest

Set up a smart work space

Even the smallest space can be utilised as an office. Choose a narrow desk or console with a cool chair and add wall hanging storage for an instant work space.

Office space with globe wallpaper

Don't forget about the kids

A child’s room can still be stylish. Use wall art or stickers and feature lighting to add maximum impact. Simple shelves can be utilised to display kids’ accessories and books adding interest and colour.

Child's bedroom with wall art stickers

Focus on the walls

Keep wall finishes neutral. Use a mid grey or taupe and bring texture and colour through the addition of feature walls, accessories and framed images. These can add style and humour to show your personality but can easily be swapped without too much expense in years to come.

Living room with neutral wall finishes