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How to holiday at home

Holidaying is a mindset, not just a destination. We can get into healthy holiday habits without the need to jet off somewhere or even leave our home.

The Monkford interior

When Taylor Wimpey homeowners homebytwelve_ had to cancel their holiday to Spain, they decided that Spain would come to them.

Here are some tips from them, along with a few of our own to get you holidaying at home. 

Create a staycation itinerary

We all love planning our getaways, where we’re going to visit and how we’ll spend our time. 

The first tip is to create a holiday at home itinerary. Try to loosely plan something to do each day. It could be watching a film, going for a long walk or listening to a virtual gig. It’s about doing what you enjoy, spending time together and making it personal to you. 

Once you’ve planned it out, set your ‘out of office’ and treat everyday as if you were on holiday. That means no checking emails and just enjoying each other’s company. 

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Flex your culinary creativity

Remember that meal you had? The food was delicious, the ambience just right. Great, because that’s where you're going tonight. This is your opportunity to recreate it and experience again in your own home. 

That’s exactly what the creators of homebytwelve did in their Taylor Wimpey home. Having missed out on a trip to Granada, the couple decided to keep the holiday spirit alive by cooking paella, tapas and drinking Spanish wine. They enjoyed the sunshine and a spot of al fresco dining. 

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Always dress for the occasion

Put on your swimming shorts for the day and make an effort to put on a different outfit for evenings. The ritual of getting ready for dinner will help transition day into night and make you feel like you're on holiday. 

Oh and one more thing: absolutely no laundry. As homebytwelve_ pointed out, the housework will wait until you ‘get back’. Instead, enjoy slow mornings, fresh coffee and doing not much of anything.

Man in new Taylor Wimpey kitchen on the phone

Make an effort to learn the lingo

Okay, so this one we’ve added just for fun. We’re not talking about getting to full fluency. It’s about knowing a few common phrases and going through the motions of being Brits on holiday. 

So dust off that guide book and flip to the translations section. Get into the holiday spirit by starting each day with ‘Hola! Buenos días.

Again, technology is your friend and there are various language apps like Duolingo that make learning interactive and fun. 

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Get creative with your space

Your home is anything you want it to be. As adults it’s where we live, work and play. It’s our remote office, but also our retreat from the world outside. 

We sometimes find it difficult to visualise or repurpose the space. That’s partly our fault by labelling them as bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. But the truth is, they can be anything. From duvet fortresses to sofa singathons to the bake off tent. So let go and surrender to silliness. 

Mum and son baking in new Taylor Wimpey kitchen

Gardening and outdoor activities

Think outside the home and go adventuring in the garden. When we’re on holiday we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, so try to do the same during your staycation. Create games to play and maybe even camp in the garden for a bit of added fun if you’ve got a tent and sleeping bags. 

Spending time outdoors is great for our health and nature is known to improve our mental welling. So when the weather allows it, make sure that you and the kids get out into the garden. Time spent digging, planting and nurturing plants and flowers is time well spent. 

Dad and son playing football in front of new Taylor Wimpey homes

Enjoy some family playtime

If you were on holiday anywhere other than your home, you wouldn’t be quite so inclined to plonk the kids in front of a TV or tablet. So how would you spend time with loved ones that’s not so reliant on the digital devices we all have in our homes? 

Reimagine family time for your home holiday. Try board games, cards or reading. Arts and crafts are a great choice and allow kids to express themselves through creativity. See if they’d like to join you in drawing or painting something. You might even end up with some new artwork for the fridge. 

Family playing a board game