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How to put your own stamp on your new home

Once you’ve planned those all-important practical elements of your new home, you can focus on the fun part – bringing in features that give your property some character.

Blenheim Manor, Hixon - Enysham - Lounge/Dining

Check out these simple ideas to make your new house feel like home

Find your style

Before you start adding your own personality to your home, it pays to work out what your style actually is. Look through magazines or on Pinterest to find inspiration, and gather a collection of images that you love.

Use this as a guide to inform you of the types of interiors you are drawn to, and from this you can identify your style.

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Display your personality

Use shelves and surfaces in your new home to display a few ornaments and trinkets that you love. Objects like these instantly make a house feel homely, and help to give the space a touch of personality.

The key is not to overdo it – choose just your favourite pieces to display, which will show them off at their best and give your home a more considered feel.

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Curate a collection of art

A quick way to add personality to a plain wall is to hang some artwork. To bring in an extra layer of interest consider a collection of art, rather than hanging one piece on its own. A gallery wall is an ideal way to show off your personality, as it allows you to display a selection of your favourite images.

The key is to try out your lay out on the floor before you hang the artwork on the wall, and keep the spacing similar between each piece.

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Try textiles

As soon as you add fabric to a space, it feels more cosy and welcoming. Scatter cushions on a plain sofa, drape over a throw and cover hard floor with a beautiful rug.

Once again, the fabrics you choose can be influenced by the colours and patterns you’re drawn to in clothes and elsewhere. A good starting point is to identify one shade that you’d like to have in the room, then pick out one or two colours that work with that particular hue.

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Find fantastic furniture

When looking for furniture for your new home, think about looks as well as function. By adding a few well-chosen, unusual pieces you’ll give your space a style that’s unique to you.

Ask yourself, how you want to layout each room, how you want to allocate storage and how much seating you need. With this in mind, you can hunt around for the perfect piece of furniture that meets your exact needs.

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