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How to spruce up your garden for spring

It's not just the inside of your home that needs a spring clean. Now the weather is warming up, it's time to get busy in the garden and create a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy all season.

Garden kit

Do a garden declutter

Before you plant, paint or prune, first thing’s first: have a garden spring clean. Your outdoor space has likely been left untouched since autumn – and could look a little worse for wear. But don’t be put off. Write a checklist of what needs doing and what you need to buy. Then remove fallen leaves, clear borders and have a good sweep through. Do a garage and shed audit and get rid of broken garden equipment and kit that can’t be repaired. With a clean slate, it’s easier to see what you’re working with.  

TOP TIP: Pick a dry day for tackling weeds and cleaning patios. If you don’t want to use pesticides, try white vinegar. Combine with baking soda, salt, or lemon juice for a better clean. 

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Tackle the plants

By trimming and pruning now, your plants will be in full bloom for the summer months Prune roses using sharp secateurs and make clean, slanted cuts just above the bud. Remove dead and diseased stems and any branches that are not producing new shoots. Climbing and shrub roses might need a different treatment, so do check before you go in hard with the pruning. Dogwood and willow should also be cut right down to the base to promote new growth. Do all the legwork this month and watch your garden flourish. Get ready for an outdoor space packed with colour and fragrance.  

TOP TIP: Plant lilies and other summer-flowering bulbs in pots and borders. And treat yourself to a set of new garden tools to make chores a little more joyful…  

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Garden kit

Love your lawn

Start your lawn TLC now. Yes, it’s time to wake up your lawn if you want gorgeous green grass to enjoy all summer long. Wait for a dry spell and then prepare the ground by loosening up the soil and breaking up any compacted areas using a rake or cultivator. Aerate your lawn to encourage good drainage: simply make small holes about 4-5 inches deep all over the ground. Then scarify to remove moss, weeds and thatch. You might need to seed your lawn (especially bare patches) but all grass will benefit from a good feed. Use nitrogen fertiliser or make your own from composted materials. Don’t forget to water your lawn thoroughly so all the lovely nutrients soak into the soil.  

TOP TIP: Get your beds and borders in tip-top condition by removing weeds and mulching with garden compost. The organic matter is perfect for enhancing the soil.  

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Mend fences and furniture

There’s nothing worse than planning a summer soiree, hauling your garden furniture out of the shed to find it’s rotten or broken. Get a head start now by fixing damaged parts, treating timber tables and chairs and washing cushions. You might fancy giving outdoor furniture a brand new look with a fresh lick of paint. Just remember to buy the correct type of paint – and then get super creative. We’re loving bold yellow for the garden right now. Replace any upholstery that looks tired or has gone a bit mouldy. It’s almost time for the first garden party of the season! 

TOP TIP: Look at fences, garden posts and walls for any signs of damage or wear and tear. If you can’t fix yourself, call in a professional before they get booked up for summer.  

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Garden bench

Get your paint brush

Why not refresh surfaces with a new pop of colour? It’s the perfect purse-friendly solution for sprucing up your garden this spring. Paint walls, fences or furniture in vibrant blue, whispery sage or muted blush to echo the inside of your home. Or go all out on earthy terracotta for a Mediterranean mood. Just add olive trees, tiled surfaces (try a DIY job with an old table) and strings of twinkly fairy lights for vacation-at-home joy. You’ll be whisked away to sunnier climes without stepping outside the front door.  

TOP TIP: Finish off your al fresco space with low-slung rattan furniture, splashes of sunshine yellow and striped garden loungers. Now we’re in the holiday mood… 

Photo credit: Cheddar Pink Wood Paint, £20 per 750ml tin, Thorndown Paints,  
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