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Top tips for decorating an apartment

So, you’ve got a new apartment. Whether it’s your first or your fifth, congratulations are in order! But what’s more exciting than signing for your new home? Decorating it, that’s what. It’s time to truly personalise your home, and we’ve got some great tips to help you do just that.

Taylor Wimpey apartment interiors

Bright = right

One of the first decorating jobs is often painting or wallpapering your walls. Don’t be afraid of strong colours. Contrary to what you might think, bolder colours can open up a space and make it feel warmer and bigger. Consider painting your walls, sideboards and ceilings in a uniform colour to make the room feel larger too.
Typical Taylor Wimpey home

Plant power

Plants are an absolutely brilliant addition to any living space. Not only do they add splashes of colour to a room, but they can also lighten our moods, reduce stress and even clean the air we breathe. Whether you’d prefer a couple of larger plants, several smaller ones, or you fancy growing your own herbs, you simply can’t go wrong with some leafy accessories.
Taylor Wimpey apartment interiors

Clever storage

Nobody likes clutter, but if you’ve got a small apartment you don’t want to be using valuable space for storage. Instead, why not look for clever pieces of furniture that include smart storage space. Look for benches with incorporated drawers or cupboards, coffee tables that can hold more than just a few magazines, and TV stands with space for consoles, digital boxes and more.
Taylor Wimpey apartment interiors

Hide your wires

A mess of wires next to the TV or trailing from under a desk is unsightly at best and annoying and even hazardous at worst. You can use cable organisers to keep your connections in order, but if you want to truly modernise your home, you could look at furniture with USB points built in.
Taylor Wimpey apartment interiors

Plan your layout

Just as important as what you buy is where you put it. There’s no point in getting a beautiful sofa if you put it in the wrong place, obstruct the flow of your home and make it look and feel cramped. Consider putting your sofa against a wall rather than in the middle of a room for example - it’ll free up space for extra features and it’ll also mean the space won’t be cluttered when you add a dining table.
Taylor Wimpey apartment interiors

Less is more

It can be tempting to display all your accessories, trinkets and artwork throughout your apartment, but in a small space you risk making it feel a little constricted. Be sparing with your decoration and give your most treasured items pride of place.
Taylor Wimpey apartment interiors