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Kitchen design

With plenty of choices available, check out our kitchen décor ideas to help you decide...


Trying to choose the perfect kitchen?

Swipe through our show home gallery of modern kitchen ideas and get thinking about the fitted kitchen that's perfect for you. Whether it's grey, white, cream or something more unusual, you'll find something suitable with our options ranges. Why not check out all of our options available for your home by visiting the personalise section under a plot of your choice? You'll be able to customise your home and visualise what it could actually look like. 

We have a range of on trend kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, flooring and lighting that you can have installed and ready to use in your home from the day you move in. Check your Touchpoint account to find out the options we have available on your new home. We build your options in as we construct your new home, which means you’ll have access to a wider range the earlier you reserve. Your Sales Executive will tell you the options available to you at each stage.