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Be inspired by the latest apartment design trends

We asked an interior design expert to share their top tips for decorating an apartment.

Charlotte Darby, Client Account Manager, and the team at Show Business Interiors, created the design scheme for our Waterside at Castle Hill show apartment, in Ebbsfleet. Reflecting on the project, as well as the very latest trends from industry trade shows, Charlotte gives her expert advice to help you get the most out of your living space.

Be flexible

Apartments are ideal for flexible living but it’s important to keep space in mind when choosing your furnishings. Charlotte says: “When designing an apartment scheme, we look for versatile items and furnishings that can serve multiple functions. Instead of designating a specific purpose that might restrict your options, create adaptable solutions that enhance functionality in your daily life.”

For example, a spare bedroom can serve as both a guest room and home office. A good quality desk can be a stylish feature. Acting as a workstation for you during the week, the drawers will function as handy storage for guests to tidy away overnight essentials.


Cues from nature

Our homes are a sanctuary from the often chaotic outside world. Taking inspiration from nature is a great way to add a calming influence in your home.  

Charlotte explains: “If we imagine a ‘natural’ design scheme, we immediately think of light, airy and calming spaces. To create this ambience in your apartment, select warm, neutral or pastel shades and look for surfaces which are made of natural materials.”  

Step outside

You can also take inspiration from your local area. Think of your apartment as an extension of the natural features outside and introduce some complementary finishing touches or colours.

Charlotte details: “For the Waterside show apartment, we chose accessories and accents in deep green and vivid blues, as a subtle nod to the lake and greenery which can be found nearby.”

Confidence in colour

It’s easy (and often tempting) to play it safe with colour but being brave really pays off.

Charlotte recommends adding bold hues for a dramatic effect. She explains: “Try adding dark furniture and accessories for a professional vibe with added character.” 

Sensory schemes and textural layering

A sensory element can bring the ‘wow factor’. 

Charlotte adds: “Captivating a sensory experience through the trend of textural layering is really effective. Incorporating a variety of depths and textures, such as ribbed media units, and suede and boucle furnishings creates depth and allure. An eclectic mix of textures also creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Frame it

Framing is a classic, yet simple technique to highlight key features in your home. 

Charlotte says: “Introducing framed panelling in a bedroom adds depth and sophistication to a space. Complementing this, the placement of framed artwork, along with thoughtfully positioned bedside tables and lamps, helps create a balanced composition. Adding framed artwork throughout your home also creates points of interest and is a great way of showcasing your individual taste.”