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Dulux Spiced Honey

Dulux's colour of the year for 2019

Hallway in honey colours

So get ahead of the pack with our top tips for working this warm neutral all over the home. What is Spiced Honey?

It's described as a warm neutral with rich caramel tones. And while it sounds almost good enough to eat, this inviting amber hue is all about creating a relaxed, cosy ambience in every corner of the home. Perfect if last year's dusky-mauve Heart Wood colour-du-jour didn't float your interior design boat...

Choose the right wallpaper

If you like Spiced Honey, you'll love Oxford Stone by Farrow & Ball and Leather V by Paint & Paper Library.
Honey colour wallpaper

Is it just another neutral?

Well, yes and no. Spiced Honey might look like a reincarnation of our beloved coffee colour palette of the 90s but it's a more modern, timely one. According to the colour gurus, it's a shade that will help to calm and nourish, stimulate and energise, after 2018's "unsettling and unpredictable time". In a nutshell, Spiced Honey is a win-win.

Mix it up a bit

Steer away from a dated 'coffee and cream' combo by pairing the rich tones of Spiced Honey with bright white, soft pink and intense burgundy.
Living room wall painted in Dulux Spiced Honey

Where should I start?

Anywhere you like really. Spiced Honey is such a versatile and adaptable shade that it can be used anywhere in the house. Pair with midnight blue bedding and burnished gold accessories for a new-look boudoir. Try crisp white furniture and natural wood vessels and vases for a fresh living space. In the kitchen, offset with ink black, rich terracotta tones and recycled glass ford an earthy, contemporary cook space. Use as much or as little as you fancy. The real beauty of this year's Spiced Honey is that it's difficult to go wrong.

Go all out...

…for a cocooning vibe and paint all four walls (and the ceiling if you're feeling brave) in Spiced Honey. Your surroundings will never have felt so relaxed...
Carpeted floor in bedroom

Prefer a bold approach?

Not a fan of neutrals, then dip your toe in the trend and work around what you've got. Colour maximalists can sweeten up a dramatic palette of emerald green, charcoal and rich russet with a few Spiced Honey cushions, a Berber rug and an amber pendant light. Minimalists can warm up an all-white home with an edit of accessories in Dulux's go-to shade. Time to spice up your surroundings.

Take it up a notch

If you fancy something a little more daring, then go with inky black skirting boards or a band of darker colour like Farrow & Ball's Eating Room Red.

Carpeted floor in dining area