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Home office interior design

As millions of us are now working from home, it's time to make your home office a practical and inspiring hub for your 9-5 graft.

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Location, location, location

Spare bedrooms are the obvious spot for a home office. You don’t need masses of space and a box room can be just as effective as a large area.

If a dedicated home office isn’t an option, get creative with hot desking. Kitchen tables work well, as does a corner of your bedroom, or an area of the hallway.


Store & order

Storage for you home office is key to every smooth-running, successful business hub, even in our digital age.

If space is at a premium, opt for long rows of wall-mounted shelving – but try to restrict this to a single zone so your room doesn’t feel overcrowded. Stash paperwork in colour-coded boxes for a fuss-free, organised look. A simple set of under-desk drawers is the easiest way to clear the decks.

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Give it personality

Your home office shouldn’t be bland and dull just because it’s where you work. In fact, the opposite – work surroundings need to be inspiring and stimulating, not just practical. Inject a large dose of personality with cushions, artwork and accessories like you would in any other room in the house.

Light aromatherapy candles with lemon, lavender, peppermint and rosemary – scents said to boost productivity and mood.

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Light up

Max out natural light as far as possible by placing your desk near or underneath a window. If you’re in a darker, north-facing space, artificial lights are key. Experts suggest layering your lighting with a good overhead light for the base (consider a shade if it gives off too much of a glare) and then add in a cool desk lamp for more focused illumination.

Seek out light sources with dimmer switches as not all jobs need the same intensity of light.

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