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How to live Lagom

Could this Swedish home trend boost your wellbeing?

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Would you like a home that makes you feel calm, balanced and rejuvenated? The answer could be in the Swedish philosophy of Lagom, which translates as ‘not too much and not too little’. In practice that means adding just enough to your life to feel content and leaving the rest for others. Read on to find ideas for incorporating some Swedish Lagom into your home.

Create areas to relax

We’re often so busy with work and life that we forget to slow down, but to get some balance it’s important to take time to rest. Add areas to your home where you can relax, read, listen to music or enjoy nature.

Think carefully about where you position your furniture to make the most of views outside or quiet spots in the home. Here, the sofa is perfectly located next to the patio doors, and the cosy armchair works equally well as either a calm place to read, or a perch to sit and chat with whoever is cooking in the kitchen.

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Reuse and recycle

Sustainability is very much at the heart of Lagom and chimes with the idea of putting back into the environment as much as you take out. A fun and creative way to do this is to incorporate recycled, vintage furniture and accessories into your interior scheme.

Look out for second-hand items in antique stores and online, or hunt around in other rooms of your home to find pieces that could be repurposed elsewhere. An old chest of drawers, for example, could be sanded down and painted to add character to a room.

Typical Taylor Wimpey home interior

Choose simple, functional furniture

Want another sustainable tip to bring some Lagom into your life? Try thinking long term when it comes to furniture and invest in items that are made to last. Choose pieces with a simple timeless look that you’ll still like in years to come.

A midcentury-style dining table and chairs, for instance, is a great choice. The elegant tapered design works well with most interior styles, so you can update your decorating scheme without splashing out on new furniture.

Typical Taylor Wimpey home interior

Find things you love 

Embrace Lagom’s philosophy of having just enough by not adding things to your home that you don’t really want. When you’re buying anything for your home, consider how much you like it and how useful it will be. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean your rooms have to be sparsely minimal. Instead, add just those accessories, artworks and textiles you love and that make you feel good.

Storage is key here - invest in a stylish shelving unit to keep your treasured objects on display without cluttering up your space.

Typical Taylor Wimpey home interior

Buy the things you need 

The ‘just enough’ mantra works for practical items too, like bedding, towels and tableware. You might assume you need four duvet covers and ten bath towels, but you actually only need two of each - one to use while the other is in the wash.

Take some time to give your home an audit. How many of those old towels do you actually use? Narrow it down to just those items you need and like - the ones you discard can be stored in the shed or utility for cleaning purposes, and the others can be donated or recycled.

Typical Taylor Wimpey home interior