Let your walls do the talking with typography

Add some inspiration to your walls with typography print - whether you're looking for a humorous quote or an inspirational message. 

Meadowsweet Farm - Frampton - Bedroom

Let your prints speak for you

There's a typography print for everyone! Here's our top tips to help you to nail the trend.

Wake up to words

If you want to start the day in the right frame of mind, pop a typography print in your bedroom. Choose a positive quote that wakes you up with a life-affirming message, or a funny line that gives you a smile.

To keep your bedroom calm and restful, opt for prints that aren't too bold and bright.


Be inspired

If you work from home, provide some motivation by displaying typography art near your deskspace. Here, a column of picture ledges contain a few word-based prints - the neat layout maintains the organised feel of the office, but the messages add character to the space.

In a work area, go for prints with a message that inspires productivity and creative thinking.

Dragonfly Meadow - Shelford - Study

Get creative in the cloakroom

In the downstairs loo you can dare to be different, as it's not somewhere you're going to stay long enough to get bored with the decor.

Put a smile on your guest's face with some quirky graphic word prints, and choose something humorous that will make them laugh.

Isobel Gardens - Shelford - Utility

Make it childsplay

You can have fun in your child's or teenager's bedroom by letting them display some funny and positive word-based prints on the walls.

It's a great way to liven up their space, and gives them the opportunity to add their own personality to the room.

Applewood Green, Kelsall - Thornford - Bedroom