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New years resolutions for your home

This time of year always inspires a sense of change. And when it comes to your home, anything is possible.

Kilnwood Vale, Faygate - The Clifton - lounge/dining area

Home improvement inspiration...

If you’re in need of some home improvement inspiration, we reached out to our customers for the low down on what they’d like to do with their homes in 2020. Here’s what they’re planning…


“We’d like to complete our decorating - only the stairs and landing left to go!”
  • Remember to keep safe. If you’re planning on painting around your staircase, an extendable pole at the end of your paint roller is a much less risky strategy than balancing a ladder.
  • The right lighting can make a world of difference. Wall stair lights can create a dreamy atmosphere, with lights guiding you up the staircase, while a soft-light standing lamp shade can have a similar effect on the landing.
  • Staircase and landing walls are often the largest of your entire home and make the perfect canvas for a gallery. Share your best-loved photographs within a range of frames. 
Sherford - The Redwood - Hall


“Finish our garden makeover. This year we had decking put into our garden and we started painting the fence, so in 2020 we’d like to finish painting and build some raised flower beds.”

  • Decking is a great addition to any garden. It gives your home an extra area for you to relax and entertain in, and can provide an instant makeover to your outside space.
  • Raised flower beds can really bring some colour to your garden. To avoid weeds, remember to mulch aka line the flower bed with thick layers of material.
  • Instead of plants, why not grow vegetables and herbs? Tomatoes thrive almost anywhere and chillies are really easy to grow. 
Family playing in garden


“Our second baby is due soon, so we will be focusing on getting the nursery ready and decorating our 17-month old’s bedroom too. As I’ll be on maternity leave, I’ll be spending lots of time in our lovely home and will have guests coming to visit us.”

  • Think logistics. Wherever you place the changing table make sure everything you need (wipes, dummies etc) is within reach.
  • When it comes to colour, stick to greys and other neutral tones with a pop or two of colour to personalise things. This timeless look will help to create a calm and peaceful environment.
  • When it comes to a home with kids, storage solutions reign supreme. Unexpected visitors? A stylish toy box or pouffe with storage space can neaten up a space instantly.
Half Penny Meadows, Clitheroe - Lydford - Bedroom

@livingwith_theduchess _atno.36

“I’d like to partition the breakfast bar with a glass wall to an almost-full height splashback. This would mean we could move our sofa into that space.”

  • Think about the light in your room. Is your house south facing? If so, you may want to position any seating to face the windows so you can soak up the sunshine in your new living space.
  • Keen to create the illusion of space? Use furniture to help break up a room. A sofa or console table is the perfect way to do this as their height means they won’t block any natural light.
  • To help create the illusion of space within a multi-use room, keep your decorating choices to a similar palette. Choose colours and stylistic features that complement each other to help create a natural flow throughout.
Kennilworth - kitchen/dining area

Ben, Lamberts Place, Stamford

“After making a big change and moving to a new area as well as my new home, I want to create a relaxing space in my house that’s just for me.”

  • Curb the clutter. Mess can be distracting, so tidying up and getting rid of things you don’t need to bring a sense of openness and space into a room.
  • Wherever possible, welcome natural light into your home and keep the colours of your decor neutral; think greys, creams, or whites. Bright, loud colours can feel quite striking and clutter your peaceful mindset.
  • Add some calming scents to a room to help instill soothing vibes - essential oils and room diffusers are easy, safe ways to do this. Lemon can help with concentration, while lavender has calming properties that can aid restful sleep.
Meadowsweet Farm, Leamington Spa - Lanford - Master bedroom

We hope you’re now feeling creative and are raring to get the paint brush out! Remember that during the first year of your new home, we advise not to hang anything on the walls as they’ll still be settling.

If you’re planning any decorating or will be putting those personal touches to your home in 2020, be sure to tag #TaylorWimpey in your creations.