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Heart Wood

Dulux colour of the year

Dulux has announced its Colour of the Year 2018: Heart Wood. But what is it and how should we use this new grey/lilac hue in our own homes?   

What is Heart Wood?

It’s described as a warm neutral, with a hint of heather. Think dusty-mauve with a smoky grey undertone. Call it dirty lilac or pink-grey if you prefer. Whatever name you give it, Heart Wood is a pastel that’s really easy to test out at home, particularly if last year’s zeitgeist shade of Millennial Pink was a little too sugary sweet for your tastebuds.

Design tipIf you like the look of Dulux’s Heart Wood, you’ll also love Farrow & Ball’s ‘Peignoir’ and Crown’s ‘Plum Suede’

* Dulux image

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Why this colour now?

Well, according to the colour gurus at Dulux, it’s down to us Brits yearning for our home to be a haven, a sanctuary and a place to chill. Not only spotted on the catwalk, it’s inspired by our current love for beautifully tactile timber. Or as the experts tell us: “The warmth of wood reflects the comfort that we need in these uncertain times – this material is an essential element for creating the welcoming environments we desire.”

Warm and welcoming, with a hint of lilac, we’re in...

Design tip: Don’t worry if you went OTT on pale rose last year, as Heart Wood is part of a wider trending colour palette that looks the business with nude and blush. See Dulux’s ‘Pink Parchment’ and ‘Blossom Tree’ for serious grown-up style inspo

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Where should I start?

Wherever you want really. This warm, heathery hue looks just as good in the living room and kitchen as it does in the boudoir and bathroom. Try piles of Heart Wood-y cushions on the sofa and mix up textures like wool, felt and silk for extra interest. In the bathroom, go all out on mauve/grey floor tiles (fab for hiding the dirt) or stock up on towels and accessories paired with tarnished brass taps for an Insta-worthy hit. The bedroom is a cinch too. Who can resist sumptuous silk bedding in luxe heather or an accent wall in this year’s go-to shade?

Design tip: Tempted to go the whole hog, then paint a room head to toe in Heart Wood – that’s walls, skirting boards and doors for a wrap-around cocoon-like vibe you’ll adore…

* Dulux image

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Not a pastel fan?

Even if mint green, baby blue or whispery lilac aren’t really your thing, Heart Wood is a versatile, game-changing shade that pairs effortlessly with a deeper, darker palette. Try with navy, charcoal and warm blackberry hues for a striking, on-trend ambience. Or team with crisp, bright white and failsafe grey for a smart, elegant interior.

Design tipDip your toe in the trend with accents of Heart Wood. Block out a single wall and pair with deep blue bedding or a warm timber kitchen. Or try the colour out in the backs of shelving or cubby holes

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