Proposed Development

North East Cardiff

Cardiff, CF14 0PF

Learn about our plans for an exciting new community in Cardiff

Following extensive consultation with technical stakeholders and the Local Authority, the next phase of Cardiffs strategic site KP2 at North East Cardiff is due to be considered by planning committee. Taylor Wimpey's application for the new neighbourhood offers a sustainable living opportunity of approximately 2,500 new homes on the northern edge of Cardiff, with a range of homes of all sizes and budget.

Residents will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a range of facilities on their doorstep to meet their daily needs which can be easily accessed by the extensive network of cycling and walking routes. The development includes an extensive network of connected green open spaces with play areas, sport pitches, community allotments, orchards and woodlands for all to enjoy.

The new district centre including a range of shops, food and drink outlets, health and community facilities situated close to the new primary and secondary schools.

Integrated neighbourhoods will providing easy access to the public rights of way connections and an active travel network through the new community will include good links across Cardiff making it simple to travel around the city.



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Our proposal for North East Cardiff


We want to create a thriving new community in North East Cardiff.
We will also deliver a new primary and secondary school, as well as a district centre for residents and the wider community to use as a base for sporting and social activities. Additional communal space will be provided through our plans to include parks, gardens, play areas, outdoor sports pitches, allotments and community orchards. The homes at North East Cardiff will be surrounded by large areas of green open space and new footpaths and cycleways will connect the development to the local area.

Off-site Road Improvements

Off-site public transport improvements will be provided along the Northern and Eastern Bus Corridors including provision of bus lanes, bus gates and junction modifications to improve public transport reliability and minimise journey times.

Off site cycling and walking enhancements will be provided along Ty Draw Road, St Mellons Road, Gwern-Rhuddi Road, Cyncoed Road, Rhyd Y Penau Road, Pentwyn Road, Lisvane Road, Heol Glandulais and Croescadarn Road. An off site OVOBike docking station and additional cycling local provision will be provided at Llanishen station.

Project Phasing

If planning consent is granted the development will come forward in five phases and the intention that the overall development is anticipated to take approximately 15 years to develop the new community.


Taylor Wimpey is keen to make sure new residents have a community hub at the early stages of the development with the provision of a new District Centre in the centre of the site, with local shops, schools, community and leisure facilities and with close proximity to the rapid connected bus transport route.

Street scenes

Our ambition is to create a unique neighbourhood with its own identity but one that still complements the local area.
Using the arrangement of the streets, spaces, building types and materials, our proposals are designed to create an attractive and welcoming place to live. A coordinated palette of materials and building forms are proposed to ensure the new neighbourhood has a distinct architectural style. These include steeply pitched roofs made from Welsh slate, tall chimneys, windows that are made of wood with small panes of glass and brown and red brick walls with a white roughcast render.

Our proposals features

Previous use

The proposed site at north east Cardiff comprises two distinct land parcels, which covers an area of 135 hectares. The land is predominantly greenfield and agricultural in use, comprising pockets of fields divided by mature hedgerows and woodland and a small number of individual residential and agricultural buildings. 

It is currently allocated for residential development in Cardiff City Council’s Neighbourhood Plan 

Previous planning applications

We received outline planning permission for our plans at North East Cardiff from Cardiff City Council in October 2021.
The outline planning permission establishes the principle of development. We are currently developing our plans before submitting a reserved matters planning application which deals with the finer details of the development, such as the mix, layout and design of the homes.

History of the site features


We understand that a new development will have an impact on the existing community and we have carefully considered this as we have developed our proposals.
A transport assessment was completed as part of the process to gain outline planning approval. As part of the scheme we will ensure that the necessary infrastructure is implemented to meet the needs of existing and new communities. We will also be providing dedicated sustainable transport corridors to accommodate public transport, walking and cycling which also provide effective links to the surrounding areas. 


We have prepared a flood risk assessment and surface water drainage strategy to ensure that an appropriate drainage strategy is put in place.
To reduce the impact of the proposed development on the existing drainage network we propose numerous small streams to drain the site. The larger water courses of Nant-Ty-Draw and Nant Glandulais flow north to south through and adjacent to the site. These will help control the flow of surface water. 


Preserving and enhancing local wildlife is a key consideration when we plan and build new developments. We have carried out a number of ecological surveys to identify any ecological constraints on the site.

Working closely with ecologists, the surveys we have carried out have identified that the site itself does not contain any statutory nature conservation designations. However, a number of protected species have been found to be present on site including badgers, wintering birds, dormice, Great Crested Newts and bats. In addition, the southern land parcel directly adjacent to Lisvane Reservoir is designated for its winter bird population and the reservoir embankments for their grassland ecology. 

The retention of key green infra-structure, woodlands and vegetation corridors across the site are an integral part of our plans to enhance biodiversity and prevent biodiversity losses.


Our approach features

Community Infrastructure

The Taylor Wimpey proposals will deliver approximately 2,500 new homes including a target of 30% affordable housing, which will go a long way to meet local housing need.

Considerable new infrastructure is also proposed which includes a an easily accessible new district centre at the middle of the development comprising shops, offices, library, GP surgery, supermarket and leisure uses.

Education provision will also form a key part of the new community and includes a 10ha site for a new secondary school and  a 2 form entry primary school alongside associated sports facilities.

2.9ha of employment land will also be delivered providing space for businesses to locate onsite and for those looking to work close to home.

Cycling and walking routes across the neighbourhood will provide easy access to local facilities, the wider City and the open countryside beyond the city limits. This will mean the development is accessible by existing residents in Cardiff who can access the connected green spaces with play areas, sport pitches, community allotments, orchards and woodlands for all to enjoy.


Economic benefits

We want to deliver new homes and facilities that positively integrate with and enhance the local community.
Our plans incorporate land for employment-led facilities, predominantly new jobs associated with the proposed district centre, and retail space areas. Following the completion of the proposed development, around 1,000 jobs could be permanently accommodated within it as part of our S106 agreement.

Open space

Ensuring our residents and the local community have access to beautiful green open spaces is a key consideration. 
Our plans for North East Cardiff include areas of public open space such as parks and gardens, green corridors, green space, woodland, outdoor sports pitches, allotments, community orchards and civic spaces.  A play area will also be created to encourage residents and their families to meet neighbours and friends which will help to foster a vibrant new community.

Travel and Transport

Priority will be given to pedestrians and cyclists over the use of private cars to help meet the Council’s 50/50 modal split target between sustainable active travel and the private car.

Safe and direct footpaths and cycleways will be provided to all amenities onsite and high-quality infrastructure will minimise vehicular speeds and prioritise pedestrians and cyclists. The Cardiff OVOBike scheme will be extended into the development and secure cycle parking spaces co-located with public transport stops to encourage multi-modal transport interchanges.

Amenities and facilities

We aim to support the communities in which we build. One way in which we do this is by providing new facilities that local people will benefit from.
As part of our proposal, we plan to deliver a range of new facilities including a District Centre and mixed use areas to include retail, community and leisure uses for the local residents. We also plan to deliver new educational facilities consisting of a primary and secondary school.

Community benefits features