Proposed Development

Gomm Valley

High Wycombe, HP13 7DL

Learn about our plans for the Gomm Valley site.

Taylor Wimpey acquired the Gomm Valley site in May 2021. We are now in the process of engaging with Buckinghamshire Council, key stakeholders and the local community to inform our plans for the site.

Our proposals will seek to deliver a landscape-led approach to the delivery of market and affordable homes on the site, as well as a primary school and large areas of open space to be enjoyed by existing and future residents.

This website will be updated with details of future public consultation events and plans for the site as they evolve. 

Some images are used for illustrative purposes only and include optional upgrades at additional cost. Development managed by Taylor Wimpey West London.

Our proposal for Gomm Valley


To date we have engaged with Buckinghamshire Council and local members of the public who contacted us when we purchased the site. We are currently in the process of engaging with local stakeholder groups to understand their views on the site and understand where we may be able to accommodate their ideas within our proposed development.


Looking ahead, we intend to undertake a formal consultation with Councillors, local stakeholders (e.g. Chiltern Rangers) and members of the public later this year.

Planning Policy Context

The site was allocated as a reserve site in 2008 in the Council’s Core Strategy and was subsequently ‘released’ (and was therefore allocated for development) in 2014 to meet housing need. Since then, the site has been the subject of the Gomm Valley and Ashwells Development Brief (2017) and was then reallocated for development in the adopted Wycombe Local Plan (2019).

Previous Planning Application 

In 2019, Human & Nature / Aviva submitted a planning application for up to 1,000 dwellings, a primary school, and retail, commercial and community facilities. This application was subsequently withdrawn in May 2021.


Cycling and walking will be an integral part of the proposed development and a network of footpaths will provide easy access to surrounding areas. We are also exploring how best to serve the site with public transport.

A transport assessment will be submitted as part of our planning application. This will set out the approach to transport matters on the site and any work required in the surrounding area to accommodate the traffic that will be generated. Both on and off-site matters are regularly being discussed with Buckinghamshire Council as we develop plans for the site.


Preserving and enhancing local wildlife is a key consideration when we plan and build new developments. We have carried out a number of ecological surveys to identify any ecological constraints on the site.
The ecology of the site is very important and will be carefully considered in our future proposals. Working with our ecologist we will seek to increase the on-site biodiversity and create new habitats.

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We want to create a thriving new community and a development that respects the character of Gomm Valley. Our proposed development will be designed with due consideration to the Wycombe Local Plan and the Development Brief.

At this stage we do not yet have plans available to share. We can confirm that our masterplan for the site will include a range of different sized houses to meet local need and there will be large areas of landscaped open space. We will also ensure that the existing biodiversity on site is enhanced.  

Open space

The proposed development will provide large areas of open space that will be available for the enjoyment of existing and future residents.

Amenities and Facilities

A new primary school will be delivered as part of the development.

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