Proposed Development

Land North of Rackheath

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Land North of Rackheath

Welcome to the North Rackheath consultation website. This website has been prepared by Taylor Wimpey to provide information on how we will deliver the long planned new development at North Rackheath, which has been earmarked for development since 2009.

Thank you to all of those who took part in the North Rackheath masterplan refinements public consultation. The consultation is now closed so that our project team can review and respond to the feedback received. The consultation closed Friday 20th August 2021 and ran for a period of three weeks.

Although you will no longer be able to fill in the online feedback form, this website will remain active so that anyone can review the information regarding the refinements to the masterplan.

The feedback received as part of this consultation will be used by the project team to inform a future Planning Application on the site which we are hoping to submit by the end of the year.

This will not be the final opportunity to provide your feedback however, as we are committed to holding further public consultation on a planning application for the site once this is progressed. We will look to hold in-person consultation events in the autumn of this year.”
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About the proposal

The Site

The site was farmland until 1943 when it was converted into an active military airfield during the Second World War, with RAF Rackheath constructed and used by the United States Army Eighth Air Force. The airfield was used by the 467th Bombardment Group arriving from Wendover AAF Utah. The 467th was assigned to the 96th Combat Bombardment Wing.

Very little of the original runways remain. Most of the concrete has since been broken up for aggregate. Several of the wartime buildings have been modified and used for light industry, becoming part of the Rackheath Industrial Estate.

The main access road to the estate is named Wendover Road to commemorate the airbase in the US where the 467th Bomb Group was formed. The control tower still remains and has been converted for use as an administrative building.

A memorial to the 467th Bomb Group, consisting of a plaque and a bench, was dedicated in 1983 and is situated near the Rackheath village sign on Salhouse Road, adjacent to the Holy Trinity Church. Our intention is to provide an appropriate setting for this memorial within our refined Masterplan.
In June 2009, the site was one of four in the UK identified as an Eco Town location as part of the 2007 Eco Town initiative launched by the Labour government at that time.

The Eco-Town programme was cancelled in March 2015, at which point the site lost its Eco-Town status. The site continued to be promoted through the Broadland Development Plan process, leading to its allocation in the 2016 Old Catton, Sprowston, Rackheath & Thorpe St Andrew Growth Triangle Area Action Plan (Policy GT16) and endorsement of a North Rackheath Masterplan in 2018.

2018 Masterplan

The site is allocated for development in the Broadland District Council  Old Catton, Sprowston, Rackheath & Thorpe St Andrew Growth Triangle Area Action Plan, July 2016 and both reflected in and aligned with the 2017 Rackheath Neighbourhood Plan and the 2017 Salhouse Neighbourhood Plan. It also benefits from a Masterplan prepared and endorsed by Broadland District Council in 2018.

The 2018 Masterplan set out a bold vision for a sustainable, integrated and infrastructure-led community that could deliver approximately 4,000 new homes, local shops and other facilities, land safeguarded for a secondary school and two new primary schools, significant numbers of new jobs through new employment zones and substantial areas of new green, open space, carefully integrated with New Rackheath.

As the principles of development for the site have been established, Taylor Wimpey is now refining the Masterplan prior to bringing forward future planning applications. With Taylor Wimpey’s involvement, this site that has been designated for development for well over a decade can now start to be delivered.

The endorsed Masterplan Includes scope for:

  • 16 hectares (ha) of sports pitches and pavilion
  • Over 100 ha of informal open space, including new parkland
  • Access to Salhouse rail station
  • Approximately 4,000 new homes
  • 1.8 ha of allotments space
  • Land for a secondary school and two primary schools
  • Up to 1,500 square metres of retail space
  • 25 ha of employment land
  • 3.5 km of off road dedicated cycle way

Our plan

We have undertaken a review of the 2018 Masterplan to see how it can be further refined. We are still in the early stages of refining the Masterplan and we will continue to develop the proposals, taking into account comments received as part of our ongoing consultation with the local community, Broadland District Council, Norfolk County Council and the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership. Once complete, the refined Masterplan will form the basis of an initial planning application for the site anticipated to come forward later in 2021.

The refinements to the 2018 Masterplan include:

  • Relocation of commercial land from the eastern boundary to the north of the existing Rackheath Industrial Estate.
    • This improves connectivity and cohesiveness with the existing industrial estate, allows for expansion opportunities, and avoids associated traffic movements through the development.
  • New focal green space/community hub to be located to the south, at the end of the former main runway.
    • New pedestrian and cycle connections to the focal area.
    • Local centre co-located with the southern primary school near the focal area.
  • Improved pedestrian/cycle connectivity to Salhouse station and surrounding areas.
  • Improved existing public rights of way (PROWs) to ensure they are better integrated within the development, creating key green corridors through the site, improving permeability to New Rackheath and access to new and existing facilities.
  • Provision of strategic transport connections to the wider area.
  • Local centre co-located with the northern primary school.
  • Provision of play facilities (informal and formal) throughout the development.

Ongoing work will see several additional refinements to the Masterplan, which will include a comprehensive network of drainage basins and the incorporation of a number energy centres on-site, which will provide the new development with heating and hot water as part of our energy strategy to minimise the development’s carbon footprint. These energy centres are likely to comprise air and ground source heat pump technology, with no new buildings powered by fossil fuels. We will regularly update the website in line with the ongoing design work.

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