Proposed Development

Chilton Woods

Sudbury, CO10 1GY

Learn about our plans for the next phase of Chilton Woods

We are preparing a reserved matters planning application for the latest phase of a major mixed-use development north of Sudbury, within the parishes of Chilton, Acton, Long Melford and Sudbury.

Planning permission for the first phase of 200 new homes, known as Maidenfields was granted in March 2021, with the first homes going on sale in September 2021. 

We are holding a public consultation to show you our proposals for the second phase of 242 homes, of which 30% will be affordable. 

The consultation will run from 5pm on Monday 31st January until midnight on Monday 14th February 2022. You can download our consultation boards here.

A webinar with the project team was held on 2nd February. A recording of this webinar is available here.

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Our proposals

Future phases

The Chilton Woods site has been allocated for development in Babergh District Council’s Core Strategy. Outline planning permission for the entire site was granted in 2018, and Taylor Wimpey has acquired part of the site.

Our overall proposal includes 1,150 new homes, a quarter of which will be designated as ‘affordable’, as well as a range of community facilities including a village centre, community hall, sports pitches and large areas of green space, including community woodland. 

We will not be delivering the employment land to the west.

Homes proposed

Six character areas are defined within the Design Code for Chilton Woods, and this second phase includes four of these character areas: Acton Lane, Residential Neighbourhoods, Linear Green Linkages and the Village Green.
Residential Neighbourhoods

This is the heart of the Chilton Woods scheme, with a range of densities and housing typologies. It is set around the main spine road and overlooking the green links, creating a network of active streets which link through to the village centre. 

Acton Lane

This character area will retain and enhance the semi-rural character and setting of Acton Lane, with sections dedicated to pedestrian and cycle access only. This character area takes inspiration from the current edge of Sudbury.

Parkside and Linear Green Linkages 

This area forms the interface between the residential parcels and the landscaped spaces. A range of house designs will have longer-range views towards green spaces.

Village Green

Homes will look onto a new village green as well as the bus route and new school. Its proximity to the Village Centre and school makes this an appropriate area for more contemporary design.


A Design Code has been created for Chilton Woods, and analysis of the site’s context has been undertaken as part of this process, including the four parishes of Chilton, Sudbury, Acton and Long Melford.

The Design Code also refers to the Suffolk Design Guide and the National Design Guide, which asks that new developments do not copy the designs of the past, but combine local architectural influences  with modern construction techniques and materials to create meaningful architecture with a distinct sense of place.

Street scenes

This first phase will include 242 new homes, of which 30%  will be affordable. 
There will be a wide variety of new homes in order to meet housing need and create a diverse community, from one and two-bedroom apartments in three-storey blocks to four and five-bedroom detached houses.

Three flats will be provided specifically for wheelchair users.

Maximum building heights for this phase are set at 12m along the frontage of the Village Green and 10.8m for the rest of the parcel. Variation in building heights will create an interesting roofline and taller buildings will be used to mark focal points and key corners.

About our proposals

Economic benefits

A Section 106 agreement for the site has already been completed. This agreement outlines the financial contributions that Taylor Wimpey must make to support local infrastructure and facilities, including both on and off-site education, healthcare and sports and recreation.

Previous consultations and feedback

We held consultations on the Design Code for the whole site in November 2020, and the first phase of residential development in February 2021. Feedback from these consultations has helped to shape our plans so far.

Previous planning applications

A Design Code has been created for Chilton Woods, and analysis of the site’s context has been undertaken as part of this process, including the four parishes of Chilton, Sudbury, Acton and Long Melford. Outline planning permission for the entire site was granted in 2018, and detailed plans for the first phase of 200 homes were approved in March 2021.

History of the site


A comprehensive network of pedestrian routes and cycleways is planned for the whole Chilton Woods development, giving routes through the site that connect in a logical way with the surrounding area. Safe and attractive routes will encourage walking and cycling throughout.
In this second phase, homes are set back from Acton Lane with new homes fronting onto this space ensuring good surveillance and an attractive frontage.

The existing public right of way will be retained along the western edge and new footpath and cycle links will be created, connecting to Aubrey Drive, Reynolds Way and the proposed new school.

A bus route will run along Aubrey Drive and eventually through the rest of the development.

All homes will include cycle parking, and visitor cycle storage will also be provided.

The use of rear parking courts in appropriate locations will minimise the car impact on main streets, evoking a village feel with continuous frontages and terraced houses. This will create a quality streetscape that combines buildings, landscape and car parking together.


Protecting and preserving the natural environment, including valued landscapes and habitats, is a key priority. The overall Chilton Woods site includes significant areas of green space, including a new community woodland, and this second phase Reserved Matters application includes a number of green areas as set out below.
A high-quality landscaped open space will wrap around the southern and western edges of this phase and will include a series of sustainable drainage basins to deal with surface water, as well as areas of grasslands and wildflowers. Numerous routes through and across this space will encourage exercise and relaxation, connecting to the later phases of development.

A linear play space with a series of trim-trail stations will run alongside the western hedgerow, using natural play and exercise features to supplement the other play areas on the development. A small green space is located in the heart of the phase to provide a focus for residents to meet and socialise.

Existing trees and hedgerows will be retained in order to preserve biodiversity, and the planting strategy will seek to use native, locally-grown species where possible.

Our approach

Upcoming consultation activity

Feedback from the local community has helped to shape our proposals on the second phase of Chilton Woods. We held an online public consultation from 5pm on 31st January to 14th February 2022.

Details of the application will be available to view on this website, and a webinar was held at 5pm on 2nd February. A recording of this webinar is available here.

Following consideration and detailed review of the feedback that we receive, we hope to submit a reserved matters planning application to Babergh District Council. At that time the council will write to neighbours again, giving details of the application and an opportunity for you to make any further comments.

You can email your comments to us via this website, or you can write to: 
Chilton Woods Consultation Feedback
Taylor Wimpey London
Ground Floor East Wing, BT Brentwood, 1 London Road, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4QP