monday 13th december 2021

We donate £1,430 to Exeter’s local Diwali and Bonfire night celebrations

Our Exeter team has recently donated £930 to the Exeter Hindu Cultural Centre’s Diwali celebrations and £500 Double Lock Pub’s bonfire night event.

TWEX_Diwali 2021_hero image

We support the diverse cultures within our local communities

Exeter’s Diwali celebrations took place on the 6th November and saw an evening of performances, dancing, food and laughter welcomed by all following last year's festival which took place in the midst of the pandemic.

We made the donation to the EHCC to cover the cost of the hall hire, part of the catering and the DJ who provided an evening of entertainment for those in attendance.

TWEX_Diwali 2021_secondary

Children performed a number of dance routines at St Matthew’s Hall, bringing joy to families and other members of the community at the venue.

Double Locks Pub put our money towards covering the cost of their bonfire, which allowed them to donate a larger sum of money towards local charities.

Our donation to both of these organisations acted as financial boosts to enable them to cope with the high volume of guests, and help our local communities put on the best events possible for their people following an incredibly difficult 18 months.

Prem Sivlal, President and Trustee of the EHCC, said: “It was incredible to come together for an evening of celebration amongst people from a variety of faiths in Exeter. It makes all the difference when we are able to come together and enjoy ourselves.