Thursday 18 February 2021

Local book club in Neilston receives a funding boost

Screenshot of book club members using Zoom
As part of its ongoing commitment to working in partnership with local communities, and in response to a very unique request, our Kirkton View development in Neilston has donated funds to Neilston Book Club.

Neilston Book Club was set up in February 2018 and it has gone from strength to strength with approximately 20 members ranging from aged 25-70 from all walks of life. The club has a lovely mix of existing residents as well as new people who have just moved to the village, and this funding will allow the club to continue its monthly online events and to provide two new books to every member.

The club has become an important part of the community, and it is extremely grateful for the support that it has received from us as Lindy Montgomery, club founder explains: “We just can’t thank Taylor Wimpey enough because this club has become an important social activity for its members at a time when it is difficult for adults to meet new friends and socialise.”

Pre-Covid they met in one of the local village pubs to be able to support a local business, but since the pandemic the club has continued online.

The group has also established a new ‘blind book club’ in the village as book club member Laura Curtis adds: “For those who are missing the library due to closure at the moment, and just to encourage people to read a bit more, we have also collected books that we’ve wrapped up to establish a “blind book club” within the village. We detail the genre of the book on the front, but the idea is that people can help themselves to a book, take it home and read it, and it might be something they would never normally choose.

“Books are safely stored at The Red Hut newsagent in the village and anyone interested can simply use the hand sanitiser and take whatever they fancy. It’s proving so popular that Lindy and I need to top up the books regularly because the uptake is so good.”

Being able to work with local groups and charities is important to us - even more so in these challenging times as Audrey Ross, Sales and Marketing Director for West Scotland adds: “We are delighted to be able to support Neilston Book Club, which will allow it to continue with its online sessions as well as provide some books for members. At a time when we are all looking for different ways to socialise safely, it’s great to hear about local success stories such as Neilston Book Club which is clearly proving popular.

“The work we do is a lot more than just building high-quality homes. Being able to work with local businesses and organisations that surround our developments means a great deal to us and it’s great to know that we are helping to make a difference to the lives of people in local communities.”