Wednesday 20 January 2021

Gilden Park honours Sculpture Town heritage in Harlow

Modern art sculpture with jagged edges

Our Gilden Park development has added to Harlow’s reputation as a home for public art, thanks to a modern installation on site by a local artist.

Jim Brown, who was born and grew up in Harlow, created the iron sculpture which will be placed within the development. Entitled ‘The Long Route’, the sculpture will be unveiled to local residents and the wider public in May. Named as the world’s first ‘Sculpture Town’ in 2010, Harlow has over 100 public sculptures throughout the area, which form walking and cycling trails for residents and visitors.

Jim said: “It’s great that I am contributing to the collection of sculptures in Harlow through this commission. When deciding on my approach, I considered what already exists in the collection and this helped me decide how a new work may fit in.

“I settled on an abstract form which will attempt to capture the energy and speed of random mark making, translated into a solid 3D form fixed in time.

“The sculpture will be made of cast iron. More associated with manhole covers and other street furniture, the use of iron will create a link with its more utilitarian applications around the town’s urban environment.”

David Burns, Technical Director for Taylor Wimpey London, said: “Commissioning Jim to create a sculpture for the Gilden Park development was a great opportunity to get involved in Harlow’s already famous public art scene. It’s such a brilliant, modern piece that contributes to the town’s culture and we couldn’t be happier with how the sculpture has turned out. We’re so looking forward to unveiling it to the public.”