Friday 10th august 2021

We continue to support British Bees in the North West

After installing beehives in Warrington and Chester, we have recently hosted a ‘Bee Aware’ event to provide those living in and around our developments with an insight into beekeeping.

bees at TWNW

Bee Aware with Buckley’s Bees

Working closely with Buckley’s Bees, a family-run local beekeeping business, attendees got the chance to meet Aldon Wood and Kings Moat Garden Village’s newest bee residents and learn all about the importance of bees, their vital role in pollination and how to help increase bee populations in a sustainable way.

As part of the event, Buckley’s Bees also brought an observation hive so that people could find out more about what happens inside a working hive.

Photo: Taylor Wimpey and Buckley’s Bees Emma and David at Bee Aware Event 

Buckleys Bees

Stuart Craig, Sales and Marketing Director at Taylor Wimpey North West, said: “Since 1900, UK bee populations have declined from around 1,000,000 colonies to an estimated 270,000. We always strive to create a greener and healthier environment for our residents, colleagues and the communities in which we build, so we are excited to introduce bees to Aldon Wood and Kings Moat Garden Village in a bid to support local biodiversity.

“A huge thank you to the team at Buckley’s Bees, who have helped us immensely through every stage.” 

Showing our support

Taylor Wimpey is committed to supporting the honeybee population by installing a collection of beehives on a number of its developments around the North West. The collaboration supports Buckley’s Bees 3,000 in 3 years initiative which aims to boost the UK honeybee population with the addition of 3,000 colonies (150 million additional bees) by June 2024.

Photo: Local residents at Bee Aware event

Buckleys Bees