Monday 8th August 2022

We support Ormskirk West End’s Umbrella Project

Ormskirk West End Primary School’s participation in The Umbrella Project, organised in partnership with the ADHD Foundation, is helping visually represent and raise awareness of neurodiversity

TWNW_The Umbrella Project

The Umbrella Project

Ormskirk West End Primary School, the first primary school in West Lancashire to join the ADHD Foundation, recently participated in the charity’s Umbrella Project by creating an installation of 25 colourful umbrellas. Each umbrella was sponsored by members of the community including our North West team.
The installation aims to create an uplifting visual representation of all the different minds in the UK. 

This project is a great way to raise awareness of neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia and Tourette’s Syndrome, their strengths as well as to celebrate the ways in which each mind is unique.

Sarah Currie, Deputy Head at Ormskirk West End Primary School, said: “Our participation in The Umbrella Project is indicative of our school’s commitment to meeting the individual needs of all our pupils and supporting every child to achieve their very best. 

TWNW_The Umbrella Project_secondary

Sarah continues: “We are now making further improvements to our Sensory Room, Sensory Garden, and Forest School, while also developing a Nurture Room that will be home to our Inclusion Team. Our aim is that all our children – no matter their need – have appropriate access to spaces that support their learning, and their mental health and wellbeing.”

Jennifer Burns, Sales and Marketing Director at Taylor Wimpey North West, said: “The work we do is a lot more than just building high-quality homes. Being able to work with the communities that surround our developments means a great deal to us, so we are delighted to have supported Ormskirk West End Primary School's participation in The Umbrella Project.”

To find out more about The Umbrella Project please visit the website here.