8th december 2022

Village life in a new-build home offers a stress-free move for Adele

When Adele Cunningham, a medical supply company sales manager, was looking for a location that would tick lots of boxes for her next move with her daughter Gabriella, aged 4, Dargavel Village was already on her radar.

Adele Dargavel testimonial living room

Lovely community feel

From the early stages of the development, Dargavel Village has interested Adele as she explains: “I’m originally from Bearsden and that’s where most of my friends and family live.  A few friends moved into Dargavel Village a few years ago when construction work first started, and since then I’ve spent quite a bit of time visiting them both before and after the birth of my daughter Gabriella.
“I could see there was a lovely community feel that developed quickly here and I noticed that my friends with young children were always going to various groups and events – everything seemed really easy to be part of. Whereas as a young mum in Bearsden, it just felt harder to make those new connections that you’re so keen to have when you’ve just started your family. I used to get a lovely feeling when I visited my friends at Dargavel Village and it just felt as though this could be a place that I could feel very happy in.”

While visiting friends and out for a dog walk and enjoying the green space that Dargavel Village boasts, Adele popped into the Taylor Wimpey sales office and met Carol our sales executive. While not really sure how she found herself in the sales office it just felt right, so right in fact that Adele didn’t research any other developers. “Carol was fabulous – just so nice and helpful, she explains, “I never ever felt under any pressure at all. I’d already chosen Dargavel Village because it ticked so many boxes for me – great new school, lots of green open space and a countryside feel with everything I need nearby - so she was focussed on getting me the right house for my budget and she really took the time to chat me through everything in detail.

“She was just wonderful and understood my circumstances, right down to making sure I reserved a plot that would get lots of Scottish sunshine – which is very important when you have a four-year-old wanting to play in a paddling pool! I also wanted to make sure that I made the best choices for me, and Carol was brilliant at working me through all the financials and if I ever needed anything I just popped into to see her.

“After discussing different houses and plots, I fell in love with the layout of the Blair because I think it’s a great idea to have your kitchen at the back with French doors into the garden. It means that Gabriella can play outside in the garden and then it’s straight to the kitchen to get cleaned up before she goes elsewhere in the house!

I love new-build homes because I like my interiors and it’s your choices from day one with a new home. You can really make it your own and I loved that while also having the choice of really good quality options.

“Everyone has to work to their own budgets when personalising their new home, and I saw real value in making sure that our garden is a great place to play and socialise by making the most of the French doors from kitchen/diner to the rear garden. And in our house, the kitchen/diner isn’t just for cooking and eating together - Gabriella also manages to do her dance shows in there too! The living room to the front of our house is our special room where we go to chill before bedtime.

“And upstairs we each have our bedrooms, and I really enjoy the luxury of having my own en suite! Our third bedroom has been transformed into a playroom, because when you’re four it's very important to have your own kitchen, dressing-up table and of course lots of toys to play with! So, all in all, this home is just perfect for us.”

Move-in day is exciting for homeowners and Carol and her colleague Kirsten made sure that was the case for Adele as she explains: “Carol and Kirsten made me feel fantastic on the day I moved in. I have lots of friends and family who would have been willing to be there when I got the keys, but I ended up at the development on my own. While I was really fine with that, they were both just brilliant at making me feel that this was a special day; something to be shared and they came to the house with me and it was lovely to have their support.

“They reminded me this was my new home, and they really took care of me. In fact, Carol still knocks on the door to say hello and check that everything is OK. The aftercare since I’ve moved in has been great, and the site team is brilliant too. I feel everyone is still here to take care of anything that might crop up, so I feel really reassured.”

Adele is enjoying village life and all that it offers as she concludes: “Dargavel Village simply ticked all of my boxes in terms of schooling, green space and the chance to maximise my budget by looking beyond Bearsden and the second-hard market.

Also, with the cost-of-living challenges and rising fuel bills for everyone, new build homes are designed to be well insulated and energy-efficient. We also have PV solar panels fitted on our house, in fact they are as standard on all the houses here, and I do think they’ll make a difference to my energy bills.

“I’ve already noticed how well insulated my house is because if Gabriella and I have been out and the house feels a wee bit cold when we get home, if I pop the heating on it feels warmer within minutes. I think energy-efficiency in a new home is real benefit for us and it will help me to manage my budget.

“This development is a real balance of countryside living with everything you need within easy reach. It has fantastic transport links – the new M8 junction is just so handy if you need to get around and we have great shopping at nearby Braehead, or you could pop into Paisley. Friends and family who visit me here are always surprised how easy and quick their journey is.

“And on our own doorstep, the village has really come into its own. There’s a supermarket in the retail area, places to eat, and the larger Park/Ride at Bishopton train station is great if you want to leave the car and get the train to Glasgow. The new village square is a lovely place to relax and there’s a great network of paths that link everything; plus, there’s lots of green space, open countryside and wildlife around us so it’s just a lovely place to be."